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Slow internet

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I got your messages too...


Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 10.14.43 PM.png


I get messages like this almost daily.


Please keep in mind, TestMy.net is a third party speed test and is not affiliated with your ISP.  We're here to help you. 


Just like you I'm an average consumer.  When I was 15 in 1996 I wanted to see how fast my internet speed was and I couldn't find a proper tool so I started to build what would become TestMy.net in 2002.  I build TestMy.net so that people like us have a testing platform outside of ISP control.


I'm sorry you're having ongoing issues with Hughes, it's a common theme around here.  I rarely meet any satellite user who's truly happy.  I assume where you live you have little options, right?  Can you get a 4G connection yet?  Maybe with the right equipment a cell connection might help.  How much data are you transferring monthly?

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... you should see my email.  I have dozens, maybe hundreds of these.  I usually just ignore them.  When I do respond, they never respond back.


This is a quick search of my inbox for "internet slow" ... these are recent, within the last month.  And this is only the ones caught by those specific keywords.  lol




Gotta love this one...

"I want my internet fixed it's slow!"  -- talk about shooting the messenger.  Often they're far more rude than that.  


... the last one caught my eye...



Hi There,

I have an Optus ADSL -2 Broad Band connection and experiencing very slow speed internet connection.
Which company can provide us a better speed internet in this area?


Awwww man!  That was just a nice guy who wanted my help.  His email got caught up with the others.  I'm sorry Harsh!  [emailed him just now and shared this topic]


I don't know why some people always think that I have some control over their speed.  If I did, everyone would be at least as fast as I am!  :-P


I also get angry people wanting me to fix their bills.  Again, if I had control over that, your bill would be $0. :headbang:



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