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New version speed test results too high

Drip LeBuk

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I’m finding the results of the download speed test reported by the beta version is consistently about 5Mbps higher than the Old Version, which I’ve replicated on a second device running a different browser.  I repeated the download test 3 times, switched version, repeated, and switched back and forth a few times.  Oddly, the beta version is reporting download speeds higher than the router device claims it’s currently negotiated with the network.

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I'll look more closely, we hadn't seen anything like this in our beta testing.


I've been seeing a slightly higher upload speed, but it's due to an improved process.  The download test under everything you see... is nearly identical.  The processes and functions are largely unchanged.


I'll look much closer at the results.  I make mistakes and appreciate that you hold me to a high standard, helps me find and learn from those mistakes.


Food for thought, when I make major updates I do them in stages.  First stage is what you see... visually.  Then comes the real programming.  I do deep programming during the visual stage but for the most part, I have to integrate the design into the program... (TMN is not built on a CMS by the way, I like it that way). the program you're using right now (the new version) is the exact same program.  They share the exact same code base... its branched off quite a bit at this point but the core is basically the same.  It's really hard to explain.


[page loads]

[checks if you have a cookie set telling me you want to use one version or another]

[keeps loading the program]

[encounters an instance where the code branches into two versions (or more)]

[loads the proper version data]

[keeps loading the program]

[encounters an instance where the code branches into two versions]

[loads the proper version data]

[keeps loading the program]



the base is the same, a few elements are altered.



Wanted to help you get a feeling for how it works under the hood.  If you understand that this isn't at all an entirely new program... it may help you feel that it's the same TMN (I feel) you've grown to love.


The crazier updates come later. :zen-emoji-md:

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21 minutes ago, dr_lucas said:

Tested on several high end computers with the same results. 

These shots specifically on lenovo m910s pc on 1 gbit cable connection and 500mbit package. 

Tested downloading 200mb file in both tests. 


15 minutes ago, dr_lucas said:

I'm outside right now, so can only do it later. 

But aren't the screenshots clear and sufficient? 


I only query you for more information in case I end up having a hard time finding the issue.  Actually, what you posted was more than sufficient in this case.


I looked into it and was able to replicate the issue using a virtual machine.  My own machines (and I assume my beta testers) won't display this behavior for some reason.  I did see this in virtual machine before but I thought maybe it was a fluke, guess I should have dug deeper.


It was an easy fix.  The header was setting "ini_set("zlib.output_compression", 4096);" --- I was totally replicating your results so I already know this is fixed.




DUDE, THANK YOU!  Great catch!



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the reason this is an issue now and not before is because the front end shares more code with the actual speed test.  That's a frontend speed improvement that obviously for this purpose is NOT an improvement.  But for loading the download test page that you use to select your test... that's a good hack.  --- those are actually (and have always been) the same program, even though they became separated from each other (away from the main server) when TMN expanded to multiple servers... long ago.


Things that may not have affected the test-side... let's just say I need to be more careful.


You guys are awesome for catching all that you do.  I truly could not build TMN without you... do you know how much testing I've done!?!  Some do.

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3 minutes ago, dr_lucas said:

You rule for offering this free tool, bro. Add a few more servers and you'll be my idol...lol (especially in the middle east, like Israel...)


Show me great VPS hosts in those areas that I can show are great and I'll add them ON REQUEST.  Any time.


Please help me in finding the best hosts in ALL of your areas.  Better hosts = a better speed test.  Better hosts remove the variable on MY end so I will not host unless they prove their weight. 


Trust me, ask people around here.  I throw servers up for people all the time, I just need a VIABLE host in the area that tests out properly.

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6 minutes ago, dr_lucas said:

You rule for offering this free tool, bro.


Thank you by the way.


And I feel a smoother graph now, I wasn't seeing the extreme that you were but I definitely FEEL a difference.  You helped fix the beta, 100%.



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Best vps hosting in Israel is https://www.kamatera.com/ (aka clubvps).

They work with 3 different data centers in Israel: 012, Netvision (both called Rosh Ha-ayin location 1 and Rosh Ha-ayin location 2 respectively) and with the largest ISP in Israel "BezeqInt" called "Petah Tikva location" server. (you can see them listed on speedtest.net by searching "kamatera").

The owner name is Yohai Azulai, he is a great guy and may be willing to cut a deal with you in exchange for advertsing or something, so that you can have 3 different Israel locations to test on, while not paying or paying very little...just an idea.

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