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TMN helps me convince my isp their provided equipment was faulty


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For over a year I've been complaining to my ISP that I thought there was a problem with the modem I rent from them. I am paying for a service of 100Mbps. They guarantee 80% of that. The best results I ever got from TMN was 56Mbps via network cable, avg 38 via wifi output. On at least a weekly basis I would have to call them and reset the modem. On a couple occasions they sent out a service tech. The first time the tech added a coax coupler and ran a test (Speedtest.net) and showed me I was getting 87Mbps. I told the tech that wasn't an accurate test. A few months later they sent out a tech again to check the equipment. He ran a speedtest (Ookla) on his phone using my wifi. After several attempts he finally got a speed of 76Mbps. I ran a test on my Laptop using TMN and got a result of 48Mbps. I was told to run Speedtest because it tested from their own server. Ran the test using Speedtest and got a result of 78 and was told TMN was not reliable. Fast forward: This past 2 weeks I've had to call daily and get them to reset the signal. Finally Thur 5/09 they agreed to send out a tech on Tues to check and possibly swap out the Hitron modem. Friday when the service stopped again I asked if I could drive the forty miles to the store. Saturday I did so and here are the results. TMN 92.8 dnld 7.87 up with peak down at 94.8. surprisingly at test at Speedtest.net give a download speed of 94.87 Mbps. Sunday I actually had a TMN download speed of 99.6.

Thanks to TMN my ISP has given me a $60 credit for this month and a $30 reduction for the next 12 months. Thank you, Denny

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On 5/14/2019 at 3:55 PM, DESAND said:

After several attempts he finally got a speed of 76Mbps.


Was re-reading this...

Don't you love how they fish for the result that plays into their narrative.


It's not the tech's fault, they're just doing what they're trained to do.  Use the company's speed test ...and others that play into the same narrative.


It didn't used to be this way.  ?

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No you're right, it wasn't. If you can remember back when M.A. was at the Speakeasy cafe with G.A. it was all about service. About trying to give customers something they wanted and needed. After the cafe burned down they moved in the direction of providing those services directly to you (DSL) even kept the dial-up going for those who couldn't afford the dsl. When M'A. left to start the big O it became all about the money. Even Speakeasy itself went the way of the Mega :) Corp.

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