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ping plotter program ??


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SO recently iRacing has been dumping me from the servers (they) iRacing says they checked and all is good on their end and I say well I test my internet connection and speed like  fanatic and i'm all good so it is dying some place, they suggested I get Ping Plotter Program and run it pre session and leave it on in case this happens again so I have I assume data to show what is up.

before I do that I wanted to make sure that is something I should use or do you have a better app or suggestion on what I should do?

plus this is where they suggested I ping I think you had said this to me when you showed me issues they have which  i do not know if they ever did anything about them .




Thanks, oh BTW new paint came out and now the outline of testmy.net is Chrome, will get vids posted soon as I have a computer now able to create them in HD.


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Ping Plotter is an excellent program that's been around for a really long time.  I've actually been meaning to contact them for an affiliate partnership because it's like an extended version of my latency test.  I think they can compliment each other.


Give Ping Plotter a try and let us know what you think.



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