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Speed differences


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I am new to this forum and from India.

I am trying to solve an issue which I am facing for long time.

When I do speed tests on fast.com or speedtest.net I get the promised speed of 50mbps but when I do speed test on this website(testmy.net) I can barely get 1.2mbps but one more interesting thing is that if I do the testing from my mobile with warp + I get the full 50mbps speed and it's not a vpn. You can find more about warp + over this link .


Please help.

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Other speed tests do things differently.  First they multithread by default, which can make everything appear normal because they can be aggregating the speed of a bunch of slow threads.


There are many other differences as well.  TestMy.net is better for troubleshooting problems because it was designed for troubleshooting.  You can control the variables more and can have known consistent variables between tests.  You obviously have an issue... the other tests make it seem fine when you know it isn't.  I rest my case.  Really, why do you even go back there when you know that they aren't illustrating how your connection is really running?


You have to look at the motives behind your chosen internet speed test.  Some are designed with a purpose in mind, to help ISPs look good.  We'll call them the majority.  Then there's only one that I know about who focuses solely on the consumer... I'm happy that you found us.


Your DNS lookup (using or anything else) really shouldn't have an effect on your transfer speed.  The DNS query takes place before the test page even loads.  Sign into your TestMy.net account on your phone and retest for me so I can see the results.  The only result near 50 Mbps I see under your ID was taken on desktop.  Do a test before and another after enabling warp. 

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OOOHHH, you're not just using DNS, you're using Cloudflare's premium offering WARP+ -- which uses a feature called Argo Smart Routing.  Sorry I didn't realize that at first.


In that case... yeah, you're speed is genuinely affected.  You're going to get better speed because Cloudflare is making your connection take a better, less congested and more direct route to the hosts you connect to.


4 hours ago, Amanmd said:

Ohk one thing I have noticed is I have very high middle variance (160 or 170%), while in the speedtest the speed touches 50mbps but drops down significantly. Any solution for this? Please help


Please point out which result you're talking about.  I didn't see any of your recent results with a variance that high.


note: There's a setting in advanced settings to switch that number from variance to standard deviation.  Might be the default soon, I like it better.

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