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Test speed

Ann Stevens

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What do I need to do? Does Hughes have several speeds to choose from? Can you please tell me the cost levels for a faster speed than I have?  I need a faster speed.



Please contact me by gmail, it is almost impossible for you get me via telephone.


[removed for users privacy]


Georgetown, Texas 78633


Thank You,  Ann W Stevens




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removed contact details, for your own privacy
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1 hour ago, Ann Stevens said:

My content is serviced daily from an Episcopal church, how do I get my content approved???


It wasn't quickly approved because you posted your personal contact information.  I was on my phone when your post came in and I like to make those type of edits on a desktop computer.


Sorry it took longer than usual.  Kids were playing on all my main computers when your post came in last night.  They're getting a little stir crazy lately.  Snow's melted today so we're going to get them out in a bit. ?


In the future, on any website... you should refrain from publicly posting your contact information.  At the very least is can be used to phish you.


Like @Pgoodwin1 said, run some tests so we can get some more data on what you're already working with.  The zip code you provided can help us determine if there are better choices in your area... so that's ok to post.  If we need your address to help a moderator or myself (admin) will request it from you in a personal message (PM).  Don't share your location and phone number otherwise.  For your own personal online protection.

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