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Setting or telling Xfinity Gateway when it can reboot/reset


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Does anyone know if there is a way I can set something so that the xfinity gateway will only do a reset/reboot when I want it to?

Way to many times now it will just turn itself off and reboot in the middle of one of my Iracing events which boots me out of server (no connection) and then I get to finish last multiple laps down depending on length of race left.

I ask as it just did this to me where I was p14 on grid and was running p5 (p=Position) with a great chance to possible finish top 3 which would of gained me a great deal or IR and SR (ratings they use to put you in with drivers approx. same talent plus higher IR better chances of gaining more and possible gaining the WC/Pro license.

I bet in last year I have lost 1000 or more IR just from this same issue 

Holy cow I just went and looked and I finished dead last 22 out of 22 had I finished 6th I would of gained 70 IR (compared to the driver who did finish 6th with similar IR I had instead I lost 86. but actually I lost 156 from what I would of gained added what they deducted from me

Normally in a race you are doing good if you gain 30-50 IR It could possibly take me 5 races finishing great to recover what I just lost due to a Xfinity self initiated reboot.

If I need to I can manually hard boot the dang thing every night when I am not on iracing or a few hours before I plan to race .

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The question shouldn't be "how do I make this gateway work for me..." --- it should be "what do I buy to replace this junk?"


Personally, I will not use a modem or gateway provided by any provider.  It's okay to get started that way but when you first order service I think the best thing you can do for yourself is buy your own equipment.


Xfinity tries their hardest to get you to use their equipment.  That should tell you something.


You're getting great speed but if it kicks you offline during important things then how good is that speed in those situations?  Doesn't do you much good.


But they've got most people because most people don't want to pay the necessary cost to correct this.  Keep in mind, reboots can still be initiated by your provider... but I'm on Xfinity... I don't find myself in your situation, possibly because I bring my own equipment to the table.  I may notice a reboot initiated by them once or twice a year (always around midnight).  I have to physically reboot it myself once or twice a year.  But it NEVER just does it in the middle of important things... ever.


If you're using their gateway you'll need to get a modem and router to replace it.  You could get a used netgear nighthawk (AC1900 are still awesome) and used surfboard and probably come in under $120.  Looking at modems just now I see people are (pretty much) giving away the surfboard SBG6900AC used for like $50-$70 and that's a combo unit (normal retail is $250+ so like I said, giving them away).  I usually warn against combo units because of future upgradability... but you can also just stop using the built in wifi and plug it into a better router.  So it might be a good go-between for people trying to get off their ISP's gateways.


If money isn't an issue then I'd look at Netgear's new wifi6 gaming lineup, something like the XR300 would be sweeeeeet... and then pair that with Arris' best standalone modem right now the SB8200 (what I personally use).


2 hours ago, spudler_t said:

If I need to I can manually hard boot the dang thing every night when I am not on iracing or a few hours before I plan to race .


That's a maddening way to use the internet.  Reminds me of,  "if I just hold the rabbit ears like..... ... this ... no... like....... this... ahhhhh, there we go.  Then it works.  ... until it doesn't."  (as the rabbit ears slowly but surely lower from the weight of gravity.)


You pay for better than that.


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