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test with my own server (internal addr) does not work due to https errors


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Testing with my own server does not work, due to https certificate errors




results in queries to


which do not work as https always needs a host and domain name.


However if trying with the host and domain name it also does not work,

an error is shown:


myhost.mydomain.com does not have a required resource in the document root. [timeout]

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You may need to add an exception 


If you navigate to you should see something similar to this




Click "proceed (unsafe)" -- you trust your own machine, right?  That's all the unsafe warning is about.


After you've accepted that you should be able to run that test.  


The best way to do it would be to configure a self-signed certificate.  https://www.vultr.com/docs/configure-apache-with-select-signed-tls-ssl-certificate-on-ubuntu-16-04 -- may have to do a search for a guide on your specific installation.


I'm seeing now that there's a bug.  You're supposed to be able to use http or https with that but for some reason it's locked on https.  It normally detected that and corrected for it but another edit I made later may have affected it.  So I'll look more closely later... just peeked in there and it looks like I'll have to dig deeper.


Self-signed cert for your localhost or the machine you're running your web server on will solve it for good.

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