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Is there any Issues with Testmy.net servers as far as speed testing?


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So I believe about 3-4 weeks ago maybe more my Download speed dropped from an average of around 800 Mbps to 480Mbps though upload stayed consistent from 35-40 Mbps.

I thought it was maybe my Xfinity Gateway since it was past its EOL date and the internet tier had jumped from 1000 Mbps to 1200Mbps but my connection to gateway was only 1000 Mbps.

I recently upgraded my desktop CPU, MB, GPU and have the ability to connect via 2500 Mbps so I went in to Xfinity and got the newest XB8 gateway So now I can connect Via the 2500 Mbps speed.

I went to do some tests since the gateway change and was shocked to see my download speed was the same no matter which server I used be it the Toronto one or the closer West coast ones.

What then threw me off was I had been watching my ethernet Performance via the task manager while running the speed tests via testmy.net as well as I (Did something I never do) and ran some tests via Speedtest.xfinity.com and well as a couple other ones I had not really heard of that came up in my search.

Normally I do not trust the other searches to be as accurate as they should be but since this weird result drop on here I was shocked to see that doing the tests via testmy.net the task manager ethernet performance info was exactly as the results on here but it then showed that the other tests were showing the same speed that the task manager showed but the problem was it was showing I am getting 1200-1400 Mbps download on each of the 3 other tests sites I used yet on here it was still around 480 Mbps maybe one test was above a 500 Mbps results for download.

I would not even question the speeds except the fact that one day my results went from 700-800 range to the 400-480 range with nothing changing on my end. I will have to go look at my results to give an exact time frame when it all of a sudden dropped.



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I guess it was a bit I was not testing when the drop happened my last test was 5-18-22 I believe Between the 5-17 and 5-20 2022 at a speed of a little over 900 Mbps to then 6-15-22 and a speed dropped to below 500 Mbps (Download speed). Which if it had returned back to normal or better since (Upgrading the Gateway) I now have 1200 Mbps instead of limited to 1000 Mbps I would of expected to see at least a result of 900-1000 Mbps yet still not even close to 50% of that via the testmy.net tests.

The fact I can connect to the gateway via the 2.5 Gbps Ethernet would make me think I woudl have even better results as I am not maxing out my ethernet max speed.


Just thought I woudl mention this, if the testmy.net speeds are in fact true I need to find what is keeping me lower the 50% of what I am paying for as far as internet speed.

Which testmy.net is only tests that show that download speed reduction of more then 50%

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Nothing has changed in terms of the servers. Same test locations, same software. I try to limit the change of variables on my end. When I do a major update that may have an impact on variables I'll make a post in the forum. A lot of updates coming but they're always done in stages to minimize any possible negative impact on users and help catch any bugs. Awesome members like you always email me right away if anything moves in an unexpected way.


You'll know when it's happening when betas will become available to you. You're already on the original Beta Tester team so you'll be notified by email.


11 hours ago, spudler_t said:

I went to do some tests since the gateway change and was shocked to see my download speed was the same no matter which server I used be it the Toronto one or the closer West coast ones.


That's a clue. I see that as indication of a bottleneck possibly before you've even gone out to the internet.


11 hours ago, spudler_t said:

the task manager showed but the problem was it was showing I am getting 1200-1400 Mbps download on each of the 3 other tests sites I used yet on here it was still around 480 Mbps maybe one test was above a 500 Mbps results for download.


Can you run some more multithread tests for me? I see that you ran a few on the 17th but I'd like to see a few more data points. Make sure to select "Test My Download Speed" from the download test. We want it to cycle through the different sizes before the final test. (so don't do manual selection or re-test in this case)


Other speed tests (all basically clones of each other) out there have a different goal than TestMy.net. I'm trying to provide tools where you can control the variables consistently between tests to aid troubleshooting. Not attempting to doing anything special to force the matter. Basically pulling the data as you would from any other source. Other tests seem to have the goal of maxing out the connection. There are a bunch of different tricks, you've seen me type about many of them over the years. There are no doubt other tricks they do that I don't know yet. Are you pulling those speeds? Often, yes... but is it a normal real-world method of exchange?


I don't look at them closely because I don't want to be influenced. They're not doing it right. They can't be working in the client's favor when so many people show us here how they have real problems and always seem to get great results everywhere except TestMy.net. -- but they know and have evidence of a real problem, then fix the problem and have improved TMN results. They don't operate in your favor and you can't trust them. Plain and simple. TestMy.net users have proven over and over that those other tests are novelty at best and are not there when you need them the most. TestMy.net is always here and I try to keep it simple and consistent.


My tools are different. Developed 100% by trial and error. But they work. You know they work, you were just testing consistently at nearly 1 Gbps a few weeks ago.


11 hours ago, spudler_t said:

I recently upgraded my desktop CPU, MB, GPU and have the ability to connect via 2500 Mbps so I went in to Xfinity and got the newest XB8 gateway


Before you picked up the new gateway, I'm sure you ran some tests here (I see you here a lot). So you established a baseline before the new gateway. Did you visit and test right after getting the new gateway? What was the date you installed that?

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Ill run some more of the multithread tests, I know your tests are good and your results are what I used on many occasions to make my point in the past to Xfinity (Comcast) that the problem I was having was on their end not my equipment nor something to be expected or normal Since I have the ability to bring up past results and can show a history of multiple test results and when exactly the problem (Usually drop in Download speed) Started.

That was why I was concerned and posted on here as I was puzzled as to what had happened.


I will have to look at my result history to see how many tests I did prior to installing the XB8 Gateway as far as when I installed it I got it on Sunday 7-17-22 somewhere around 18:15 PDT I had some issues getting it provisioned the Customer service person was confused and did not speak very good English so it was hard to explain why I was calling so I think it took an hour or so to finally get it connected.


One thing I did do (By Accident to be honest) was update a couple of my programs that I use in iRacing while the Task manager was open on my second monitor and I seen it downloaded the file at 1.2 Gbps but it only took it about 10 seconds max I just got lucky to look at the monitor while it was downloading.

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So I went ahead and ran a couple multithread download tests only using the US and Toronto servers.

I am not sure if the time of my tests is showing up as incorrect time zone or if I have the date incorrect on when I replaced the Gateway but I thought it was Sunday 7-17-22 between 18:00 and 19:00 PDT but the test results showing me testing at 18:45 PDT on that day ??

Also looks like the download speed is about the same before and after replacing the Gateway.


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Ok so now (As Of yesterday 9-1-22) I am really confused as to the test speed results, I had to download some content from iracing (About 4 Gigs and then later uploaded a video I recorded and saved to my HD to test the difference in quality (Was none) Between my live streams at 12000 Kbps and a uploaded mp4 file I encoded at 12000 Kbps and when I downloaded the iRacing items my network monitor showed I was downloading at 1.1Gps (or so it said just long enough for me to see then it was done

The upload though was steady at 44Mbps for enough time for me to get a good look at that.

I only started watching my ethernet performance since I started having these weird speed fluctuations and results and I am at a loss as to what the heck is causing this, if it is my ISP I want them to fix it if it is my 2.5 Gbps ethernet on my MB I need to get it replaced . but I do not know where to start and I would just swap my MB but my other one is not compactable with my upgraded CPU

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@CA3LEI do not want to sound Like I am complaining or not appreciative of all your work and this site (I have been helped by this site when dealing with Comcast/Xfinity more then I can every express)

BUT I still have this feeling something is up with the tests and recently (Post started awhile back) I had an Issue that makes me feel even stronger though you may have a perfect explanation as to why my download speed test results rarely get above 500 Mbps.

About a week or so ago Windows 11 had a update 22H2 and I installed it and as soon as I did I started having extreme problems with my GPU in iRacing (I do no other gaming or sim stuff so it is all I can base from) I could not run a session due to my FPS drop below 50  causing stuttering etc., at that time I was unaware it was the 22H2 update and Nvidia Driver conflict so I Uninstalled iRacing completely as was instructed by iracing and did a complete re install which caused me to have to download all of the tracks and cars etc. I have acquired since I started in 2018 which came to be a large amount just south of 50 Gb.

It just so happened I had my Task manager open on Performance with the ethernet tab open when  I started the download and was expecting it to take awhile if my download speeds are running under 500 Mbps.

To my Surprise and Joy to be honest I noticed it was displaying my download speed between 900 Mbps to 1.3 Gbps and a majority of the download was in the 1000-1100 Mbps range (1-1.1 Gbps)

I am not at all as Knowledgeable in the working as you are but wouldn't that of been a really accurate test of my download speed since it was a good size download that took a bit to complete?

Also I am on the west coast (Milwaukie, Oregon) and the server I was downloading from was in Boston so it is not like it was a short distance between the server and myself.


I only bring this up as I am Puzzled at the speed results I get in tests and in case something is off I want to help you notice it as I really do appreciate this site and all the time I have been able to benefit from it.

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Posted (edited)

So @CA3LE I did not know if you had seen my latest Speed results, But whatever had been causing me the Result issues (Saying I was approx. 500 Mbps D and 37 Mbps up Some how either solved itself or more likely you fixed it '

Good to see I am well in my 90% of the speed I pay for now with your tests.


I forgot how to post my results LOL Go Figure 


482.84 Mbps : 30.8 Mbps


1037.31 Mbps : 39.62 Mbps


1419.93 Mbps : 39.94 Mbps




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