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My speed test & Results Tab


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When I run a speed test I keep getting high & very low speed when I have fast fibre 500Mbps installed. My internet provider keeps telling me nothing is wrong with my fibre cable or the router which was installed on 11 April 2023.


This problem has caused me no end of headaches & I have contacted my proivider dozens of times on the phone, email & text msg. I have contacted another internet company & explained my problem & they said if you come to us you may still have the same problem it it is coming form the outside environment, so I'm not complexity stuck as to what I can next.

See attached file of my speed test & I hope someone can give me any explanation on what may be going on with my speed. My PC OS is WIN10 Pro & is connected to the router with a CAT 8 cable & I get the same speed problems via Wi-Fi on my mobiles.


When I click on my results tap the info keeps scrolling & I can't stop it to see my results. Is this a bug on the system? 

Speed Test 1 23-5-23.JPG

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Including your quote from email, the ISP comment you made provides context.





When I’m using your testmy.net program which works very well and shows me the information I’m looking for especially the graph as other speed tests only show a total figure but not the highs and lows as to what is going on with the speed.


When I click on the “My Results” tab the page keeps scrolling up and down making it imposable to see the results, is there a bug on the system that is causing this?


Apart from the problem I’m having with my internet provider who keep telling me there is nothing wrong with my fast fibre 500 installation which was installed April 2023 in the UK and my fibre speed has been going up and down to 0 since this installation and I have sent them files of testmy.net results only to be told they do not recognize these results as they only use speedtest.net which is stupid.






Stephen Filek


Hi Steve,
I can't see the same issue on My Results (or on the test results page). I can't imagine what might cause that to happen.  I tried reproducing using Windows 10 and Edge (like I see you're using) and it didn't display any odd behavior.
Can you re-visit and tell me if that's still happening?  If you can please record your screen it will help me. https://www.hellotech.com/guide/for/how-to-record-screen-on-windows-10 -- I'd really like to see that happening in motion.
Viewing the source of the page may also help me.  Right click the background of the webpage and select "view page source" - the source will pull up and if you right the background on that you'll see a "Save as" option.  Send that file to me.  TestMy.net is dynamic so in some cases the same page sent to you will be different for me.  But in this instance, those differences definitely shouldn't make that behavior happen.  
It's possible that the issue was in an ad.  If you see this happen again please screenshot the ad so I can get it blocked.  They shouldn't do this but Google has let things through before.  Again, it might show for you, but not others.
I think it's funny that so many ISPs won't accept my results anymore when they used to have TestMy.net in their employee training manuals.  Ookla (speedtest.net) tests make them look better.  I agree, it's stupid.  TestMy.net is a totally different test, much harder to get a favorable result on.  We've seen physical modem issues go undetected with ookla, TestMy.net catches everything.  Ookla's algorithm is deliberately adjusted, according to ISP insiders who've contacted me the ISPs have control over the adjustments.  These insiders were coming to me asking if I could do the same thing using my system, lol.
It may be a localized issue with your browser.  If it were widespread, my inbox would light up.  I'd try side-loading Chrome or Firefox, sign-in and test again.  If you find that things are loading normally you may want to reset edge settings.  Under ... > Settings > Reset Settings or follow this edge link edge://settings/reset
Please let me know if the issue is persistent.  Or if it's gone away.
Before we blame your ISP we need you to test on other devices, preferably hard-wired connection to the modem to get a baseline result (if possible).  Then connected hardwired to the router.  Starting with the least number of variables and adding them back. A device connected on your network may be to blame, your computers settings or some service you have running or it may actually be your ISP or your connection to your ISP.  Once you've established some controlled baseline tests it will help us determine what's going on.
Use the identifier option in settings, give your connection different IDs for your tests.  e.g. Location 1 (direct modem test), Location 2 (wired router test), Location 3 (wifi test), etc. -- in the future I'll give you the ability to name those yourself, for now just take notes. 
Also helps to test against a few different locales using mirrors.  Gives us more ammunition seeing how different routes compare on your connection.  Especially if you see another one of those 200 Kbps results.  If I saw that, I'd quickly re-test.  Then head over to mirrors and select the next closest location and do the same test again. If you get a different result it can tell you the problem is localized to a particular route.  Similar result shows it's either something on your end or your ISP is to blame.
Keep testing, building your case.  If your ISP is truly to blame, we'll gather the evidence and we'll make them accept my results. 
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