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to solve your avi to dvd problem why not take out the hassle of converting and just go to wal mart and buy a phillips dvp642 dvd player for 57$. It will play almost anything you throw in it. The only thing that wont work is a bin file.  It plays everything else including a dvd full of avis or other formats. It is worth every penny.

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I am an 81-year old computer illiterate, who doesn't speak or understand "computerese." So, please don't assume that I know anything in making your response.

I am trying to copy DVD movies to blank disks. I have used DVD Decryptor to burn the movie to my HD. I assume that part was done properly -- I can find the movies on the HD, and view it from the HD.

My major problem is getting the data from the HD using DVD Shrink 3.2 and burning it to the blank disk using DVD Shrink 3.2. I have clicked on the setting to "Use Nero" but the data doesn't transfer. I end up with a blank disk.

Would you (or anyone else) help me with this by giving me a 1, 2, 3 etc., step by step procedure for setting up the DVD Shrink program for making the transfer. I will very grateful.

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Children pay attention' lol' just messing...

well CLONE DVD 2 and ANYDVD combined make the perfect combination to copy any DVD that you have to back up or just make copies of. it does wonders by shrinking a dual layered disc into a 4.7GB disc with minimal loss of quality... it makes back ups of your hollywood movies or your personal home video..... Its easy to use and as fast as your DVD burner is.

Edit... Download and try it out for 30 days heres the link'


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No, I am not alright -- sorry to say.

I downloaded the Clone software and got the same results -- a blank disk.

There is evidently some step which needs to be done, but since I don't even know what it is I just keep overlooking it. I have a friend coming over next Saturday to give me one-on-one help. He duplicates DVDs using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink so maybe he will be able o find the problem. I think it just might be something to do with the way my printer is set up -- but what do I know.

Thanks for your help. You have been very kind -- and patient.


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I'm sure he did, but when you are drowning from a complete lack of knowledge regarding the act of DVD burning, it is hard to find any levity in such comments. I am an 80-year old man, way in over his head when it comes to anything about computers -- and I am just searching for any and all serious help anyone is willing to offer me.

Some people have been more than helpful -- while others think it is funny. I guess I need to quit letting my shorts get in a wad, loosen up, and try to find a little something to laugh about in my dilemma -- but it is awfully hard to do sometimes.


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