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Giganews speed test

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Everyone has their own idea of what a speedtest should be.  By trial and error over the years I have came to the version I am using right now.  It will without a doubt change over the following years.  But right now the version I use is used because of compatability issues, their test uses flash and some of my guests come to this site because of the fact that you don't need to download any special plug-in's -  That test looked and worked great for me also... but my results were actually exactly the same as testmy.net --- testmy.net I think I got 4409 Kbps and that site I got something like 4403 Kbps (I am running slow right now).

Nice test, but as with most testing sites no upload test, and no logging and stats.  Then again, that's not that websites goal anyway, they are a newgroup server(s) so I understand.

By the way, I don't know if you use them for your newsgroups but I personally use www.usenetserver.com I pay something like 14.95/month for unlimited transfer and I max my connection out without a problem everytime.  ;)

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That test wasnt as accurate as testmy either ;)  * see attachment *

But ca3le, i agree your testing methods are better, but one thing i think we could improve, mabey even be inspired by from this site suggested is its ability to choose the server we want to test from, and have it done on the same page. Because right now, think about it.

You want to test on the members only server.

You ALSO want to use the 3 meg test for upload.

First you have to click download test.

Then you must click members only.

Then you click upload.

Then you click the size.

Then it transfers.

Then it quaries the results.

Then it transfers once more to give results.

This process to me, seems lengthy and server intensive. If we could somehow... somehow on the same page

Have the main server , then the members only server, then a mirrors link which Dropped down and gave a list of the servers , and then you chose your server. Like that site, you click the server you desire,

~  it tests in that window using our same bar as now. If you are too fast, the bar refreshes, and starts the test with a larger file just the same as is done now. Then your results are displayed in the same page.


Choose a Server:

* TestMy Main - texas , US

* TestMy Premium - texas US

[ + ] Mirrors ------------►[ This is where you'd click the " [ + ] " ]


*  MirrorBAF - Hosted in New York City, NY USA  -- donated 80GB/month 

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