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I am a 21 yea rolf supertweaker that is registered at so many foroums is mindboggeling

when i discovered this site i was amazed for 2 reasons, 1 ur extreemly accurate and free continual speed test, and 2 ur lack of a supertweaker in ur foroums

I belive i can help many ppl at not only tweaking but, beating around the bush and going straight to the hard facts, not the hype that so many belive when it comes to tweaks

an example is how ppl continualy set there rwin setings based on multiples of mss

i belive i can speed up everones net "in the world" if they try my suggestions"suggestions obtained from microsoft.com and network arcatechs them selvs"i work with these ppl"

we diseign networks and network comps

all in all i am doing this for a portfollio, on my behaf to submit when i achive a masters degree in network programing.  and to help sum ppl ouyt along the way

it seems like all the other foroums relating to this issue are ignorant in the ways of, they belive there setings and there guidlines are best, rofl thats whjat im here to prove these new ways call me a pioneer at the "new setings" for tweaking

so tell me

am i in the right place?

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