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Direct Connect Downloads starts at 1kb then goes down to 0

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Not sure if this is the right forum to post it but worth a try.

Ok DC worked without any problems before i formatted and installed Xp with SP2 now when i enter a hub with for example 3000 users in it i only see about 200 of them on the list.

The 2nd problem is that when i do a search it gives me the results but it shows all the users as offline and if i do manage to get a download starting it starts at 1kb and then eventually goes down to 0.

I'm out of solutions and i dont wanna format again i do not have a firewall running and Xp's firewall is turned off so is the service for it im not running through a router and im on 1mbit adsl and running through a adsl modem and as far as i know i dont think theres a built in router in the modem, and i'm not using a shared internet connection.

Anyone ever heard of a similar problem like this?

I have disabled several Xp services in services.msc:

ati hotkey poller

Ati smart

automatic updates

avg update service

avg alert manager: manual

computer browser

Distributed Link Tracking Client


Error Reporting Service

Help and Support

IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service: manual

Indexing Service


Net Logon

NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing

Network DDE

Network Location Awareness (NLA)

Performance Logs and Alerts

Portable Media Serial Number

Print Spooler

Remote Desktop Help Session Manager

Remote Registry Service


Shell Hardware Detection

Smart Card

SSDP Discovery Service

System Restore Service


Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Wireless Zero Configuration

WMI Performance Adapter

security center

Distributed Transaction Coordinator

Remote Access Connection Manager

But they were disabled in Sp1 as well without causing me any problems and saving me memory

Thanks in advance..

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Hello Spawni, welcome to the testmy.net forum!

Click the link below, follow the steps and get back to us with info and test results.

Hope this helps.










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Haven't used Direct Connect before.  Is your connection to the internet running about the same speed as it was prior to reformat?  If your speeds are lousy with Internet/Non-DC software then I'd change the nic settings to 100 mb full duplex or 10mb, half duplex to begin with.  May want to try and re-install the DC or obtain the newest version out there and see if that rectifies it if your Inet speeds are ok and just the DC is an issue.  Please let us know.

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Maybe run a traceroute too, see if there's any loss in the first 2 lines, or anywhere for that matter.

ie. "tracert google.com" in the command prompt.

If there are any losses or high times to the router or modem, ping it a few times to see more accurate results

ie.  ping -n 50 x.x.x.x (IP of modem/router)

maybe reinstall TCP/IP stack, make sure NIC drivers are up to date, firmware is good, etc.....

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wow thanks for the quick replies, well i dont have any problems with speeds using bittorrent or downloading from the browser i reach maximum 125kbs so the speed is fine i did the trace and got no data loss how do i find out the ip of my modem? im gonna reboot cuz i just switched on network aware location and see if anything changes

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Hmm the problem is still there im not sure whats wrong everything worked fine in Xp Sp1 but not anymore now with Xp Sp2...

I've installed the new Dc as well but still same problem the problem is only on dc it seems, apart from that the speeds and everything else is fine in the browser and etc, Hmm just tried doing ftp transfers on public ftp's and its very very slow around 1-3kbs  :shock: but no problems with surfing. i tried ftp in passive as well it gets stuck with listing directories

List Complete: 3 KB in 21.83 seconds (0.1 KB/s)

finally it's done 21 secs for 3kb?  :roll:

Went to device manager and listed hidden devices like you said and got a few new ones O.o in network adapters,

Direct Parallel

WAN Miniport (IP)

WAN Miniport (IP) Packet Scheduler Miniport

WAN Miniport (L2TP)

WAN Miniport (PPPOE)

WAN Miniport (PPTP)

Should they be there?

Reinstalled my network drivers and ftp transfers are back to good now but dc still the same ... :S

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From what those look like, they are parts of your network interface (protocols.  I'd be careful what I deleted with those.  You may want to go into your network settings and disable the Packet Scheduler and/or  QoS to see if that helps.  Definately sounds like it's an issue with DC only.  If you have a frend that has DC, see if he/she can download from your system and how fast it goes (if at all).    Have you run spyware removers and an anti-virus check?  I noticed you have shut off the services for AVG, which I assume is what you were using for Anti-virus.  You can also get to a command prompt then type the command netstat.  This will show what ports are open on your computer and/or the ip or name of the connected machine or device.  (How many entries are listed?)

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  Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State

  TCP    spawn:epmap          84.1*.13.15*:3071      ESTABLISHED

  TCP    spawn:epmap          84.1*.1*7.2*5:1816    ESTABLISHED

  TCP    spawn:2068            2*2.23.*3.1*:http          ESTABLISHED

  TCP    spawn:2179            2*9.11.*7.2*:http          ESTABLISHED

  TCP    spawn:2180            3*.11*.1*5.3*:http        ESTABLISHED

  TCP    spawn:1026            localhost:1027              ESTABLISHED

  TCP    spawn:1027            localhost:1026              ESTABLISHED

The services i disabled for AVG is the updater one which i enable when i update and afterwards i put it back to disabled, no i dont think i have a mate that i can ask to download but when i put downloads in queue it says the user is offline even though i can see the user on the list which is strange.

Yea ive done spyware removals nothing found same with antivirus

Gonna uninstall QoS and reboot and see if anything changes. thanks :)

Nah the problem still remains :S

edited by request.- .s1

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Have you tried one of the older DC clients?  Maybe a conflict of some sort with another program you're running resident (in the tray)?  Could try shutting down each of the programs in your system tray, testing the download after disabling each one. 

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