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Due to me being kind of lazy and what not, I am thinking about formatting my PC(again) to get better speeds, because my line is fine, its just my PC. I don't have any important documents(school hasn't started yet), only thing is a few ripped CD's and my napster songs which can be redownloaded. I was careless last time. So, do you guys think I should, or shouldn't I. I don't think I should because the only thing I am missing is the 500+ kb/s download speeds, but I would like people's feed back on the matter. Oh, I don't download much stuff, but I do like the spees.

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well i would try restoring all as default before a format, but format computer once a year is not a bad thing to get it running smooth.

to get windows default TCP settings, just open cablenut and click delete cablenut tweaks and click save to registry and reboot

VanBuren :)

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this list of programs keep's my computer running smooth

Links to free antivirus/Maintenance/Spyware Removal Tools

All these tools are freeware and are available free of charge to home users.

If you have a program you think i should add, message me via AIM at ElitePete2005

RegScrubXp - Removes useless Registry keys/Improves System Speed/Stability


Ad-Aware - Removes spyware/malware/increases system speed/stability


SpyBot S&D - Removes spyware/malware/increases system speed/stability


Microsoft Antispyware (beta) - Removes/spyware/malware/increases system speed/stability


DiskKeeper Lite - Very fast Windows 2000/XP Defragmentor/Increases System Speed/stability


Avg *free* Antivirus - Removes Many viruses/worms/trojan horses/Protects System Security


FireFox - Internet Explorer Alternative/Much safer then internet explorer For Internet Browsing


CCleaner - Removes old cache/recyclebin/temporary files


SpywareBlaster - Prevents Spyware/Porn Popups Before They Start


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