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Skylines are dope.. but my Evo VIII would still whoop in it ;-) (very close though)

But I do admit that the R34 does look nicer. ;-)

lol evo's could only beat skylines in 0-60s since they accelerate faster...

but skylines have the potential to have MUCH higher top speeds :-P...and they're by nissan(a good company), not mitsu(a not so great company)

and the evo VIII sucks compared to the VII


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Look it up bro.. evo VIII will still win in the 1/4 mile too... but I do admit that the skyline has way more potential --- but I have done B&B BOV, intake and turbo back exhaust on my evo and it's putting over 300 to the floor ... pretty impressive if I do say so myself for a 2.0 liter 4 banger with AWD ---

common fuckin admit it.

And FUCK man evo VII wasn't in the USA... I'm not a millionaire over here!

Now the EVO VIII FQ 400 in England is the fuckin SHIT!!!!! --- 400 bhp 0-60 in 3.5 sec 0-100 in 9.1 sec -- shit mine is already bad ass at about 0-60 in 4.3 sec (after mods) -- but 3.5 sec!~!!!!!

DAMN, that will smoke a Z06, SMOKE a viper, SMOKE a 911, SMOKE an Enzo, SMOKE (hardcore) a skyline, SMOKE (hardcore) a supra (with MAD mods) --- smoke the friggen WORLD with 2.0L!!!! Dude a '98 - 1.4 million dollar ferrari F50 would barely keep up with this 40K car...

By the way.. FUCK nissan, DSM for LIFE!

(Diamond Star Motors) = DSM --- freaks!

A fuckin tweaked out Mitsu Eclipse GSX could fuck up a skyline -- although R34 is still ALWAYS going to be one of my fav cars ever.... but dude, do some research on the evo VIII - it is like comparing a 1969 camaro to a 2002 camaro ~~~ EVOLUTION bro... the AWD system is way more advanced, the turbo spools up WAY faster, the braking is smarter, the car is smarter.....

Keep in mind this is coming from a person who DREAMS of owning a right-side-drive skyline R34 (i'd rather have a Lamborghini Diablo... but I want to keep it realistic) --- it is the most kick ass car, respect wise... and if you mod it enough you can pull 900bhp out of that TT bitch! --- but if you mod the evo the same amount you will pull 600 bhp with more control -- i'd rather have 600 HP that puts the power to the floor smarter than a car that puts 900 to the floor smart (but just not AS efficient)...

FOR CHRIST SAKE, I take a corner and the friggen car has G sensors that figure out if I am taking the courner too fast and in turn figures out if I and applying too much brake... then compensates for me... all in 0.00005 ms -- that is to be respected...... :-D ~ EVO Enthusiast 2004!

MITSU is the shit... if you don't think so look at the track record....... nissan is bad ass too, fuck the skyline was banned from the WRC it was so dope! --- but mitsu is still the shit! :P

Ball Bearing Twin Scroll BIATCH! ---


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By the way here is the proof

TOP SPEED :: 155 Mph (electronically limited)

0-60 :: 5.0 Sec

0-100 :: 13.0

1/4 mile :: 13.3


Skyline listed

TOP SPEED :: 155 Mph (electronically limited)

0-60 :: 5.2 Sec

0-100 :: 13.0

1/4 mile :: 13.7


So the Skyline will be going faster at the end of the 1/4 mile... but the EVO still got there quicker ;-) -- and after the mods I have done... I am running way faster than stock.

I actually would rather have a Skyline ... but I don't have 90 grand to throw around.

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CA3LE must be working hard :D . My 93' Chevy Corsica will pwn all your cars!.........................................................................................................................................................in a race to see which car leaks out of oil first!!!!! OHHHHHHH

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