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An idea for a website?


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I would like to host it on my computer so im limited on bandwidth meaning i cant run something like a shoutcast music server lol.

Then make a fat link collection to music on other sites, that way you save the bandwidth, ppl think they grab the music from your site but its linked and coming from another server :lol:

VanBuren :)

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Hey Peeps, I went to your site and I liked your page especially the middle scrolling section, do you know where I could get one for my site?

If you mean like a template of my site, there isn't one. Made that shizzle from scratch with HTML. If you just mean the middle scrolling section. Thats just a HTML webpage inside the index.html. The middle scrolling sections is a whole different page called news.html that loads up in the frame.

Basically to put a frame like that in your website all you do is:

<iframe src="page.html" width="234" height="123"></frame>

Pretty much you just need to learn HTML :P . Any idiot (no offense to anyone) could learn it in 3 hours!

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Great, thanks

Im still working on the template though.

Also, would it be better to have 32kbps with 10 listeners or 112kbps with 3 listeners? Which one would you guys prefer? Its been like 1 hour and 3 out of 3 spots are used.

If i do 32kbps the quality will suck, but if i do 112 the user limit will be too low and the server will be full alot.

Thanks again

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