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    • Hullo?   Hullo?     Is this thing on????     Is there anybody in there?      
    • Sorta anyways.   Not much traffic though.
    • I'm sorry but I haven't a clue where I should post this but help seems the most appropriate! I'm afraid it is  a multiple question with one major one at the centre so to speak. Main question - should multi thread and single thread tests give similar download speeds? Related questions - 1) My understanding of multi versus single thread is questionable at best.  Is single thread  a random file downloaded from a single server, so if that server is overloaded, that could slow down the  'flow' from that server all the way to final destination (ie my computer) thus giving a false impression of the ISPs performance?  2) Does multithread overcome this by literally throwing several random files from random servers across 'the net' so that it is highly unlikely that any reduced final download will be due to server overload and will thus be more likely to demonstrate poor download speeds from the ISP? 3) If single thread tests give a consistent lower speed than multi, does this imply a 'local' problem or just that a different server (source) should be tried? If it's relevant, I'm using a standard Win 10 desktop (or laptop) with Firefox  (or Edge) with a nominal contractual download of £30Mbs (which in practice is varying from near 3 to 29) supplied over a radio network operated by a local ISP (ie not cable or fibre). Similar results arise whichever equipment I use, including the laptop connected direct from the radio antennae (ie by-passing the router and therefore wifi.) Any help or advice on the above will be very much appreciated.
    • I also tried turning off the XP PC, rebooting my Router and turning off my Phone because I don't know how much bandwidth they are constantly using and affecting the TetMy.net results.   Here are the pictures:   11 W10 Chrome IPTV Running Screenshot 2021-09-16 214125:   12 W10 Chrome IPTV Running Screenshot 2021-09-16 214339:   13 W10 Chrome IPTV Off Screenshot 2021-09-16 214512:   14 W10 Firefox IPTV Off Screenshot 2021-09-16 214807:   15 W10 Chrome IPTV Off XP PC Off, W10 Laptop Off Router Rebooted Screenshot 2021-09-16 215259:   16 W10 Chrome IPTV Off XP PC Off W10 Laptop Off Screenshot 2021-09-16 215534:   17 W10 Chrome IPTV Off XP PC Off W10 Laptop Off Phone Off Screenshot 2021-09-16 215804:   18 W10 Chrome IPTV Off XP PC Off W10 Laptop Off Phone Off Screenshot 2021-09-16 215959:   I also turned of my Windows 10 Laptop as I wasn't sure if it was affecting the results. The IPTV is now working OK. Their own speed test is reporting 15 to 30 Mbps, so they probably sorted out the problem at their end.  
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