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    • So the original tests were performed before I logged in.  I actually had an account that I didn't know I created.  Moving forward everything should be saved in my history.   When Ookla starts to see below 34Mbps the Twitch bandwidth test shows issues and it is not uncommon to see issues with services. Now that I am using Testmy it seems that even though Ookla will show a speed that on paper looks fine, Testmy is inline with the Twitch bandwidth tool showing there is an issue.    Is there an IP list for the Dallas servers or a specific address I can run a continuous ping or traceroute to?  Seems that Cox is leaning hard on their speed tests being fine even when it dips into the 20Mbps range.  They state that this speed should be enough to run all my devices and while I agree, there is something else going on because all services suffer.   I will try the automatic test command you provided.  Are settings still needing to be changed to reflect the image you posted?   Appreciate the help!
    • Sweet! That will come in handy.
    • Your most recent results look better, 31-37 Mbps.   The results I was looking at earlier today are gone now, did you delete them? It can be good to keep them for referencing in the future.   We may be able to establish a pattern by seeing more results.   Try the Automatic Speed Test   Here's some settings I might try. Utilizing random time.   Open a browser and paste this TMN command https://testmy.net/auto?schType=Up&extraID=A&r_timeRand=1&st=1&r_time=1&xtimes=24&minUFS=25&nfw=1 Test will complete within 24 hours. As long as you're signed in you'll be notified by email.   Dallas, the server you're currently using, should provide your best case scenario according to the response times in your screenshot.
    • Do you want to upgrade to windows 11, but like me your pc "doesn't qualify"  because of various reasons?  We have a fix.  My pc missed qualification by a few generations of CPU. Everything else passed. Luckly i found this video! Hope it helps, and remember, as with any OS install, do @ your own risk.    SIDE NOTE!   Use a USB drive to do the windows update; Mine failed mid install trying via SSD & almost bricked my system. Luckly, windows recovered.      Total Time: Varies ( 30 min for me) Difficulty: Moderate Risk level: Moderate; depends on your PC/OS knowledge;    Watch the video, & if it makes sense to you, I'd strongly recommend.             Link:     
    • Hello, as the title states this has been going on for quite some time.  I noticed the issues Nov 2021 when I was attempting to stream to Twitch.  Everything was good for about an hour then got really unstable and had to stop my stream.  Since then I have monitored speeds using Ookla but also started using Twitch bandwidth test.  What I am seeing is that any time my upload starts to drop the Twitch bandwidth test will show that my upload to all US servers is unstable.  Advertised speeds are 940Mbps down and 34Mbps up.  My ISP will tell me they don't support Twitch and I get that but the tool is used purely as a tool as it is synonymous with the issue.  I refer to it as looking good on paper but in reality my upload is unstable and it causes issues with many devices on my network using different services (ie. Teams, Hulu, Youtube, Twitch, various games and even being able to connect to my work VPN on bad days). I just started using Testmy.net because it seems to be inline with the Twitch tool exposing issues when Ookla seems fine.  What is embarrassing is that I actually took networking classes (CCNA and CCNP concepts) but have been away from it for so long that I am at a loss for how to provide them ironclad info that shows there is still an issue.    They have asked me to perform traceroute tests to any big site like YouTube, Google or Yahoo.  Even when those come back with what look to me like some hiccups, Cox support says it is normal.  Then they just tell me they won't support Twitch but the issues are across the board. So....   1. Is there an IP to the Testmy.net Dallas servers that I can use to perform traceroutes or continuous ping tests?    2. What other tests can I do to prove to them that this is still a Cox issue?   I am on my 4th modem. My house wiring, both coax and my networking runs have been tested and verified by Cox.  
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