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  1. i cant even get the 1.5 package. I was told on the phone at one point that i could get the 3m package and they would upgrade it in a few days, a few weeks went by i called to ask if they could upgrade me again now they say no. A few months later( im on the 1.5 package) i call them becuase i am having problems with it disconnecting a lot and a tech comes over and tell me that i am to far from the central station to get 1.5 so he put me down to 768
  2. well i would have never guessed that
  3. A few weeks ago my abuelo(grandpa; we actually we call him "lolo" for short) turned 85 years old and just now it hit me, wow 85 years old and he still can drive, works out in the yard all the time, just finished fixing his sun deck, has not health elments what so ever(and eats watever he wants), can walk on his own, ww2 veteran and has a huge family that loves him: 8 kids, 35 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren and he and his wife just celebrated there 60th anniversary. Im not posting this to glorify his life or anything but i just finished reading the "make a wish" thread and i felt compelled to post this. mods can move this to off topic if neccessary
  4. Welcome to the forum ShadowX19 First of all wat is your isp? Wat kind of router/modem do you have? Post traceroute
  5. i cant belive it has been over one year that i have been here. When i first came here all i intended to do was test my speeds not look at where i am
  6. the classes im taking:(sophomore year) English 2 Honors Personal Fitness Spanish 2 Algebra 2 Honors World History Web Design Chemistry 1
  7. i got a athlon xp 1800 A 1100mhz and it is still going strong that is if u r not gaming, video editing, multitasking,
  8. dang i do not know english cars
  9. fallowearth has the same avatar
  10. the 6600gt is wat i have and its a decent card.Had to replace my 200 watt psu to 500watt
  11. IDK this is tough is it a rolls royce? no i dont think it is that
  12. i have web design and spanish 2
  13. im active on TMN not matter wat unless im on vacation that when i take a break from the computer
  14. lately tmn has been very active
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