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  1. bio was pretty cool, go to discect a frog and worm but most of the year we did not have a teacher. Actually our first teacher has to retire and the second teacher just quit( i hated her anyway) then we got a had a sub for a long time. this is how it went: the sub read out of the book, pretty much the whole class fell asleep, we took the chapter test and everybody failed, a administrator had to come in several times to yell at us, and we all some how passed the class.
  2. his results are somewat consistent. He could post a screenshot of him uling some data
  3. thats good tho, but at my age school is not so cool anymore it just gets old. And worst of all i have both algebra 2 and chemistry this year.
  4. that would be sweet tho if u could do that
  5. ya be careful doing that. I posted on TMN a while back that i was using my neighbors connection and i never heard the end of it.( i dont any more) okay i found it http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-10730.0 haha resopalrabotnick u remember that.
  6. dang man i am not ready to go back to school. Its torture. Already have a speech due in a few days.
  7. my computer desk was only 70 bux and i bought it from sams club. But it brutal to put together.
  8. hmm.... *runs down stairs with a bat and starts wacking at the modem*
  9. lol...hmmm.... wat could i do to slow it down. i actually was happy when our dsl was messed up because i thot he would actually switch to fios actualy when our dsl was messed up, the first thing he said was wat did u do? :haha: that reminds me, me and my friend a few months ago were gonna switch out my motherboard and cpu(underclocked xp 1800) and put it in my dads computer and take his xp 3200 and mobo and put it in my computer. lol 2.2GHz vs 1100MHz. I chickened out becuase i thot he would notice
  10. dang ur summer is a lot longer than mine
  11. basically all my dad goes by is the surfing speed. Quote Me: Hey dad we should get fios, its way faster than our crappy dsl Dad: Our internet is fine Me: No its crap Dad: Ur never content with anything and that is a exact quote
  12. we got out at the end of may(29) but i did hear that school will be starting later in august next year
  13. I started school on Aug 3. Seems like summer is getting shorter every year. If u r still in school when do u start?
  14. a few minutes ago they called to see if we wanted fios. Thats the second time this week. My dad is just so stubborn.
  15. i'm gonna see if they could increase my speeds again.becuase 768 is not fast enough for download
  16. My parents were not even home when he came over so he had limited things he could do. But we are already on a one year contract for $30 per month so i guess we are stuck at that price.
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