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  1. nice over cap have u tried any tweaks?
  2. basically all it does is free ram like the title says. Its just frees up unused ram and allows for more to be used.
  3. yeah but in ur case u have 2gb of ram so u may not even need a swap file
  4. amc11890


    the new aim triton is really bad
  5. with virtual ram the computer looks at ram for areas that have not been used yet and copys it to a hard disk
  6. hm......well i am not really considering getting the ps3 but its cool how i could use my psp with the ps3
  7. microwaves and cordless telephones may interfere with ur connection
  8. id rather buy something else for my computer. but if i had $$ to blow then sure i would buy it just for bragging rights
  9. im not on nearly as much as i used to be due to school but i do try and get on for about an hour after school. But im a news anchor now so i gotta post the latest articles
  10. whoa that quite a bit, i guess u dint get the special deal. I think some people on here have ur same package and they pay prob around half of that.
  11. sounds like a good idea, it would be a good add for the guide section
  12. Welcome to the forum tracydexter. Who is ur isp so we can determine wat speeds you should be getting
  13. hmm....thats odd, for verizon we need a filter on all the phones except for the modem
  14. dsl is not that hard to set up at all. But how many phones do u have?
  15. /happy_bday.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':bday:' />:' /> /happy_bday.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':bday:' />:' /> /happy_bday.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':bday:' />:' />
  16. lol not a porn email in site
  17. only had my account for a month or so....
  18. i know exactly wat u mean. I hate talking in front of people let alone in spanish. Public speaking
  19. yeah but the sad thing is that i am hispanic and i barely understand wat the teacher is saying
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