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  1. I just dont get it, every week-end i forget everything. I dont even no where to start. Does anyone actually have a job that requires using any of this crap?
  2. 1. Solve the equation: x4-8x2-9=0 2. Find all roots of the equation: 2X3-X2+10X-5=0 3. Two roots of a polynomial equation with real coefficients are 2+3i and √7. a. Find two additional roots. b. Find the degree of the polynomial. My mind has gone blank
  3. i get the chills all the time, that why my headphones are on all the time
  4. GMAIL is the only email account i actually use, others just dont compare
  5. Hey, amc11890, you have 87 messages, 0 are new.
  6. its gonna be 38 on Friday for you? wow i think it gonna get to about 48 over here but wow 38
  7. i got a letter in the mail a few months ago i got a letter saying that i won 180,00 $. Apparently i was chosen in a raffle, that i dint even enter in I wish i still had the letter so i could scan it but apparently many ppl have been getting these "lottery scams"http://www.fraudaid.com/ScamSpam/Lottery/identify_lottery_scam_letter.htm
  8. I dont have a Vista PC to try it on but microsoft better figure it out. ill try and get some pics up later
  9. Comparing it in size to the PSP and Toshiba Gigabeat S30(would not have bought the zune if the S30 didnt Break) I have no complaints so far about the Zune
  10. ya so far it is working flawlessly. My only complaint would prob be that it is a little to chunky but that is really not that big of a deal but one thing i really like is that the FM radio is really clear and it is able to retrieve artist and track info from the radio which is pretty cool
  11. I just bought it today at walmart. I'll post some pics if i can get my digital camera to work
  12. If you would change ur name, wat would u change it to?
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