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  1. its 1:36 here so it is already a new year
  2. I would take a snow storm over a hurricane any day...lol
  3. Its pretty loud iin my neighborhood right now, fireworks and wat not.
  4. cox just got powerboost? wow im still in the stone-age my speeds suck
  5. lol yeah i think so but im too cheap,
  6. yeah i know it has been that way for awhile, i had to stragten up the pins a few days ago becuase almost all of them were bent
  7. If u want to know ur true downlaod speeds, just download a file from Microsoft or a another fast surver and see how fast it goes
  8. mine does that sometimes when i accidently hit the video cable.
  9. It reached 80 over here today so i dont think we will be expecting so anytime soon
  10. Hey, amc11890, you have 88 messages, 0 are new.
  11. I still have my snes from back in the day, too bad it doesnt work any more
  12. i cant find it but i know i made one a few months ago edit: here it is http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-15475.0
  13. Yep ham, which is usually left over from Christmas
  14. O and a few more 4. Get a Job 5. Get a car, hmm,... ricer or bread burner?
  15. yeah that black beans and rice thing was my grandma's tradition but now my mom has taken over beucase she is getting to old to properlty cook for herself.
  16. 1. Get more than a two pack 2. Gain more overall muscle mass 3. Bring up my GPA
  17. Happy New Year Am I the only one who has black beans and rice for good luck on New Years Day. Supposively it is for good luck
  18. nope, i guess i prob should have backed them up now that i think of it.
  19. I changed everything in my compaq except for the mobo and cpu(the most important parts)
  20. Glad u got it figured out i was getting worried, it already happened once and i lost all my pics
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