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  1. im happy with my name, plus no one will know who i am once i change it
  2. Cnet gave it a pretty good review I may get it at target because a 25$ giftcard is included
  3. ya that would be great, i might get it this weekend but when i get it ill post a review+some pics
  4. you can get a opteron 175 for 231$ here
  5. on mine there is about 5 different volume controls(on the computer)
  6. the E6400 overclocks real well too, definitaley get that
  7. im gonna get it, or the ipod, Still not sure, leaning towards the zune(has more features)
  8. we had a "mock" election at my high school
  9. thx guys, just in case u dint know i am amcgee11890
  10. ya he promised to lower homeowners taxes(which are insane) and Homeowners insurance. but i hope he does everything he promises
  11. Who did u guys vote for Charlie Crist or Jim Davis?
  12. If you were to calculate your bodyfat that would be good too before and after, becuase you wouldnt want to lose muscle, just fat.
  13. Is there anyway to download wmp 11 without having to validate that your copy of windows is guinine?
  14. he prob meant when you used the word "rubbish"
  15. with school and everything i havent been able to post as frequently as i used to but i still get to tmn when i can lol i love the new smilies
  16. I personally like the chrsler 300's, they look like bentleys
  17. http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv this site has some good deals
  18. amc11890


    i have the logitech x530 and they are awesome, insane bass.
  19. my hard drive malfunctioned and i had to format. I lost 3 gig+ of music
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