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  1. /happy_bday.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':bday:' />:' />
  2. core 2 duo are awesome for right know
  3. lol i've seen that movie before. but hey back in the day the n64 was awesome
  4. o lol then that would explain it.
  5. they look like lights u would find on a rally car
  6. lol u think u can hook me up. I only live in tampa
  7. those questions were straight out of the book. I new that question dint make much sense Thx for ur input
  8. thy guys i only need 2 more.
  9. I have to do a project for web design and part of the project is to ask people these questions. A. Do you ever get busy peak signals during peak hours? B. How satisfied are you with the speed of your connection? C.Was the software or connection easy to install and set up? D. Have you had to contact tech support or billing? Did u contact them by telephone or e-mail? was ur problem ansered promptly and solved to ur satasfaction? E. have u had any billing troubles? How much effort did it take for them to be resolved? F. With wat aspects of ur isp are you most satified? Most dissatified? * please make the answers short*
  10. I've had a lot of good experience with Best Buy's customer service, i had about 2 dead pixels on my psp and they dint even look at it, they just gave me a new one and the new one doesnt have dead pixels, whatsoever
  11. lol mine is 2. I love surfing the web on my bed
  12. Welcome to the forum WYATTRK. Wat r ur advertised speeds?
  13. credit cards cause more problems than solutions.
  14. lol that is a interesting project. i got about 7000 in a month w/o even trying to get spam but im sure u will surpass that amount
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