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  1. so it might support osx tiger or/and linux still the cell processor will make it too difficult for most to hack and knowing sony to be evil as they are they are not going to use linux but instead mac crap sony apple
  2. ok.. so your brain is at least a little biger than your balls but i think the point still remains valid
  3. because i keep hearing f00ls complain about gas prices being over 2.50$ a GALLON when they buy bottled water at about 1.00$ for HALF A LITER compare prices then compare brain mass to testicle mass
  4. do any of you drink bottled water?
  5. if the ps3 has an aplle os that is only a good reason NOT to buy it while the xbox 360 while likely be easy to hack and install linux a real os not some beautifully useless apple os
  6. build a new one and enter 73h l337
  7. you guys are missing some of the basic differences in the amd vs. intel fight amd's have a fsb that makes intel look like f0015 while intel has a faster clock speed this means the amds are much more responive the intel (really when it comes to responiveness amds kill intel) but intel can handles larger processing loads at a single time so for most people amds are much more suitable
  8. i know all too well what it is like to have a crapping connection earlier today i got 590k down and for the past 3 weeks i have only had a working connection for a few hours on a few days
  9. i would seriously suggest getting an amd x64 and a motherboard with pci-e outside of that its all price and your needs
  10. yeah i know what that is like im sharring a single dsl line between 25 other residents in my apartment complex
  11. man u guys are lucky all i got is a single dsl line split along 25 people
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