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  1. im glad to see that im not the only pervert here
  2. ha! i hide behind a custume built firewall made from an old emachines it runs on a gui less gentoo and is conected through encrypted tunnel to my friends firewall (both are pretty much the same) through which they update eachother on attacks
  3. dude what if you accidently played the brown note for those unfamilliar w/ the myth the brown note is a frequency at which ppl lose all bowel control ie. shit themselves
  4. very nice very nice but i think u would catch more fish if your bait was ..... pr0n? :3some: ps: i laugh at the foo who didn't see that one coming
  5. damit now he knows he is being hacked thx guys now i have to find another victim
  6. who cares how much money the army gets they come up with huge technological advances so the money will end up paying off in the end even if a few of their projects are insane wastes of money some of those ideas end up being realized and creating whole new tech
  7. a simple answer to all having the abilty to stop/prevent evil and not doing so is no less evil than the evil being commited those who watch idly while others suffer without cause are no better than those who cause the suffering
  8. that is only if you can afford both a lot of people can't afford both like me so ppl like me need a laptop that can handle the everything we do not just work
  9. about 3 hours but i dont really need it to last anymore than that so it works just fine w/ me most of the time i am able to plug it into an outlet if mobile procs are just as fast as desktop procs then why is it that they aren't in desktops? granted mobile procs can keep up w/ the desktops for most if not all basic apps but they aren't going to keep up with high end gaming that demands large amounts of processing power (and perferably a fast fsb)
  10. i know my notebook for example: amd 64 +3200 fsb 2000MHz clock speed 2.0 GHz ati x300 integrated w/ 128MB dedicated 512MB ram running 497MHz just because its a notebook doesn't mean u have to sacrifice power u just have to look real hard to find a good deal that comes w/ a decent proc
  11. why is this forum even here? if i had the cash i wouldn't think twice about buying it the deal is so fucking awesome its beyond description (even in l337) that is a must buy for those with the cash
  12. the real problem with the amd is that the fsb is only 200MHz i generally won't suggest the use of anything with less than 800MHz in that regards even the intel is seriously lacking
  13. too drunk to get a job employers for some strange reason seem to not like it when i show up to work smashed
  14. keg... $120 24 coronas ...$30 way too much cheap whiskey....$40 money left over for video games .... $0
  15. in the end it doesn't really matter i can't afford either one anyway
  16. na even aol employees hate it its got to be an aol zombie
  17. yes the psp was fucking awesome sony made a tool for the people they hate HACKERS its the greatest mobile hacking tool out
  18. nortons is so funny its the most useless firewall out there and impossible to get rid of
  19. ie has always been slow and had shitty protection for me
  20. it was on G4 that and sony is pure evil microsoft too
  21. the ps3 wont necessarily be more powerfull than the 360 it should be but sony isn't going to fix most defective cells because it can still run with several cells being defective and the 360 is including water cooling, and a multi core proc so now it up in the air
  22. anyone else not going to bother reading all that no offense milchama but its just too much to read
  23. all the new os and programs are still going to support 32bit procs
  24. granted our dependency on oil sucks but if you taxes are a good thing then .... fuck i can't even describe the idiocy do really expect the gov to use the money wisely but more importantly its high taxes that makes it hard for my family to survive we are in the awkward postion of living in an expensive area (because that's where my father has a job, not for luxery) but only just barely affording it the gov however taxes my family as though we are millionares more taxes always helps the gov and lazy but hurts the hard working middle america so screw taxes we need fewer and lighter taxes not more
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