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  1. i am sure the bandwith could be worse example: criag hall dorms at chico: 3 dsl lines per building: 100-200 people per building and the worst part: they promised high speed broadband the fucking bastards
  2. if they could get it to work (maybe?) it would be a great way to provide internet in developing nations but otherwise new things are coming out with better bandwith so y bother?
  3. i completely agree with u however... hackers are getting jailtime for hacking their own property that aint cool
  4. im a hardware hacker so i know what its like to r.e. shit
  5. good one but can u hack the mind of GOD's creator?
  6. w00t! w00t! phrack is fucking awesome!
  7. rayray likes :booty: :downtown: :booty: :downtown: :booty:
  8. 1984....? brave new world....? ferenhiet 451....? L.A....? Berkley...? NO not everything is from the simpsons raptor
  9. yeah... i did mention zombies didnt i? "mmmm.... brains...." -zombie jesus
  10. yeah but it is from the people who actually know something there aint too many brainless zombies here
  11. no offense jake.. but it would be a lot easier to help u if u stoped like typing like a like valley girl ok? and yes there programs like the one u described they usually come as part of the bios on a motherboard though
  12. there are other kinds of hacker types besides dark and white hats there are red and grey hats red = nuetral grey = sometimes good sometimes bad
  13. all right im starting to see some good responses lets keep 'em comin
  14. its not a science paper its an opinion based paper on what people think hackers are and their views on hackers i need to know what others think hackers are therefore defining a hacker for them is not a good idea but for those who arent to sure about the subject i mean computer hackers whether u include crackers in that or dont distinguish between the two is part of your view
  15. i need thier opinion and definition and view and whatever else u can think of but it needs to be theirs not mine giving my definition wont help part of this is what ppl think hakers are even if they think hackers are lumberjacks
  16. ok but what is your definition and view i can get a variety of textbook definitions what i need is people's personal thoughts and views on hackers note: there are a large variety of the "textbook definition" and they are often times very different
  17. thats pretty much what im doing still need personal opinions of though including some stereotypical views which is y i came here i knew reso would at least give me the stereotype opinion i needed reso the media bitch!! just jking reso now if somone can give me thoughts that are original that would be great!
  18. tru dat but i got a paper due next week on hackers and i need to get opinions from others so.... we shall continue!! ps. we need a smiley that says "charge" u know like charging into battle
  19. i think u ment " l-l4><0l^5 pWlll> j00! "
  20. i want to see what others think a hacker is as well and reso.. your views are as predictable as ever
  21. i just want to see what the testmy.net community thinks about hackers if there is any debate please try to keep it intelligent and somewhat civil
  22. is not that if it was the town next to mine would already have it
  23. with the money u r putting out y not get the big screen? even i got a 22''
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