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  1. its a close call but i think the viewsonic is slightly better btw... how can i get that kind of cash? <mumbleing> lucky bastard!
  2. i'm way ahead of you fear my access to the google wifi! thats y i asked "what dont u get?" be specific and i'll try to make it less confusing
  3. google + fiber = 73h 5h!7 :headbang: hopefully they will start with northern cal.
  4. oh it wont be long every hacker will just have to do themselves
  5. u mean like the last one or the psp? nothing is hacker proof and therefore "linux-proof" i will find a way or find someone else who already did LA VIVA PLF!!
  6. no the best we get is 5/(250?) for $60 and its usually more like 3/100 despite what comcast says
  7. dammit they aren't even begining to build the infrastructure in northern ca. wtf? san fransico, silicone valley, and other a shit load of suburbs these are all areas where fois is greatly needed and with people who have the money yet they have not even bothered to start building the infrastructure up here!!
  8. oooohhhhh!!!! i cant wait to put linux on it hey btw, what is boxing day anyway?
  9. my networks: home: cable modem > self-made gentoo firewall > dlink ethernet router> desktop xbox 2 laptops school: dsl line > switch > laptop desktop and i have a lan setup with roomies in apartment for a lan party every night (when we aint at other parties)
  10. if it ever becomes a problem.. just close your eyes
  11. would you be willing to take the chance? i dont know about u but i dont: stare at the sun, poke my eyes, nor point fucking lasers at my eyes use common sense and youll be ok
  12. now if only i knew someone with one of these :evil6: oh the fun i could have
  13. cool good thing i didnt get one after all though i doubt most people would know where to get info like that
  14. dude you have been watching way too much CSI
  15. im not saying they shouldnt be punished i just think that the punishment should fit the crime instead of hard time give em the bill, a few nights in jail, and community service not a couple years in "pound me up the ass" prison and you are still missing the point most hackers dont do that sh*t only a few yet all hackers get the blame and stigma my calling someone an asshole was done in a half jokingly manner not to be taken too seriously as u have done and my calling someone an asshole is no more offense than some of the other things that have been posted by others "that needs to harm people so he can get it up for his inflatable party doll." is an example and if calling someone an asshole is so bad then y do i see so excuse me if i respectfully decline your offer to leave the site for now
  16. well i know optical mice, using leds have been around for years and that i have seen "laser mice" in various stores and sites for at least a couple of years so is there something new here or is swimmer just slow to find out?
  17. skateboard kitty vs. laser mouse winner: laser mouse but seriously, havent laser mice been around for a while i mean, whats new here?
  18. there are $40 ones at compusa already they come attached to a keyboard or as a seperate usb device i've seen them there for the the past year or so
  19. i cant say i agree with the FEW hackers that do bad things (even though most of the time its no more than virtual vandalism) but most hackers improve things and most "black hats" are nothing but virtual pranksters not maliciously evil criminals after all most people have pulled a few illegal pranks in their youth such people deserve punishment but not hard time in prison or other drastic measures "It looks like you pulled that info from wikipedia on hackers.. " swimmer my knowledge of hackers and hacking is actually based on personal experience and socializing with friends and acquaintances who are hackers as well i am a red hat, hardware hacker with some knowledge on encryption my hacks are all hardware based and affect no one but me hack is a broad term for pretty much any kind of change to software, hardware, encryption, etc. that was not part of the hacked pieces' intentional use crack is specific to encryption and sometimes security in general
  20. :bs: dude... u know sh*t about hackers all u described is the media produced "evil hacker" stereotype not all hackers hack other peoples pc's the ones that try to improve others security generally dont hack without permsision (and cash) and even then not all hackers deal with security for example hardware hackers by the reality of how the world is, usually can only hack what they already own and software hackers are the guys who make all the open source and burning software out there so awesome your view of hackers is essentially based on the few bad apples yet all hackers get the flak and concerning the firewall: it would be safer but only for a little while someone will come along and find a way to get by that soon enough in conclusion: u make me sick asshole
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