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  1. if u dont like it where u live then move that simple problem solved
  2. it should have at least a 1600MHz fsb not just 1000MHz
  3. same here once u go ff... ie sucks hairy balls
  4. most people are idiots so 2 billion users probably are wrong
  5. there ain't no propaganda in cultural athro class not when the prof. is a liberal hippie ....well at least there aint no conservative propaganda truth is fundamentalist islamic groups do believe all nonbelievers to be evil especially america because their culture values community unity while america values independence and freedom the two values dont always mix
  6. who knows the movie if done well could be pretty good even if it is just a ms scheme to squeeze all the money they can from halo
  7. just wamdering.. y do u want to know? got stuck in your head or something
  8. FOOLS!! terrorists hate america because to fundamentalist islam ALL unbelievers are evil and i should know, its the current topic in my cultural anthropology class for the past 2 weeks
  9. u should build it its cheaper that way
  10. why the fuck did u sell it? something like that i would've kept
  11. im using blinds right now and it ain't too bad there are a few things i dont like but overall its ok
  12. i wanted to make a crack about snow white using the seven fingers inappropriately but i couldn't think of way to do it and be funny so i'll let you guys use your imaginations instead :3some: :3some:
  13. fuck apple archos and creative have been making the same damn things years before apple with the same quality and for a shit load less money apple apple is nothing but the posers and dumb blondes of computer tech
  14. jsut build it find a friend who knows how or read a book/manual its really easy once you actually know how and there ain't much to know about basic pc building plus once u build one u will never want to go back to premade systems so take the leap... become l377
  15. i going to guess it from an old ninja show/movie maybe? ps: i have no reason to put that last smiley, i just wanted to
  16. where could one find this video? maybe u could post a link?
  17. the boondock saints is a movie its about two brothers who turn vigilante and start killing the worst criminals they can find silicone valley is a valley famous for sorta being the birth place to the pc and it is where a lot of computer related businesses are based as well as being only a couple of miles from where i live <<<<<<<<and this says???..."penguin liberation..."...what?? edit...sorry had to point to ur avatar it says "penguin liberation front"
  18. no one was actually serious about the hack idea were they?
  19. yeah i no i saw that episode too still it would be funny
  20. very cool but i would still like to see better fsb speeds intels fsb speeds are simply pathetic compared to amds if they did that their procs would easily outperform all others
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