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  1. you might be surprised at how much a difference it will make in apps like word, excel, ect. maybe not so much while the app is running but when its still opening having an amd will make more than a noiceable difference krazyrag that dell is a hell of a rip off don't bother
  2. that really depends on the apps things like vid and pic editing sure intel is better but for small apps where u don't need as much processing power the amd's responsiveness makes it a far better choice
  3. maximum pc has constantly tested this and other variations amd usually wins in most of the categories Edit: i also heard tomhardware.com of being bias don't know for myself though
  4. thats only true if you need a long battery life really if it is easy enough for you to bring and use an adapter then all u are doing is sacrificing performance but if u want the mobility for long strenches of time then u r absolutely correct
  5. i don't know kol so i don't know if that's a compliment or insult
  6. the one with the amd turion 64 but the other one is pretty good too
  7. i keep hearing people say firefox is slowing them down my experience however has been that ff is much faster than ie on the other when i switched to ff the pc i was running was being shared with 2 others one of which has a tendency to fuck up computers by allowing and falling for all kinds of malware and viruses and ect.
  8. hey man that emachines doesn't look all that good in the specs and its an emachines one of the crappiest brands out there that hp looks pretty good though
  9. eh who cares besides you get a much better idea of the thought process this way here i fucking "edited" alright does that satsify u
  10. they are just over $3 in chico ca
  11. not need just think more likely to be funnier conversation
  12. the penguin liberation front shall have its revenge for the banning of l337!
  13. oh so thats y i got bumped down from post masta to king
  14. even though intel has a few chips that have beaten amd at some or in some way amd usually comes out on top in a comparison
  15. and jay i didn't 4.0 i 3.0 only did maybe 30 assignments durring all h.s. though and i still aced all the tests w/o studying i don't remember all the scorring for iq tests but i pretty sure 141 is more than "slightly above avg" certainly not genius or anything but i do remember the top students at my school getting less and they now go to the air force academy, stanford, berkely, and so on
  16. oh i thought it was the prescott but maybe its that 2.4C i am still fairly certain hawever that there was a prescott that ran pretty cold i am going check that article i was talking about and email my friend that has one to make sure though
  17. php you are absolutely correct but i think this topic has much more potential for comedy than whatever the we were discusses before
  18. come on man at least try to be creative or do it in a creative manner otherwise it ain't funny and since you just seem love the and so much here is more :booty: :3some: :booty:
  19. hey man all i remember is that this one prescott model ran pretty fucking cold i don't remember y but they are
  20. a few are but very few an early model of prescott was one of those few i forgot why they run so cool but there's an article about which cpus are best to oc that includes these prescotts in an old maximium pc issue
  21. just j/king its not really true but i thought it would be funny heres some more humping anyway though
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