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  1. muahahah.... i have succesfully seduced yet another to the dark side :evil6: now for some sexy action: :3some: :3some: :3some:
  2. and y not? 3somes are fucking awesome!!! :3some: :3some:
  3. there really is no building it right the first time people will always be able to find a way around/through whatever security there is the only actual secure computers are those not connected to internet in any way the best one can do is make to difficult to bother with especially when there are other not so well protected computers
  4. thats higher than i ever got in high school i generally got C's granted i never studied or did homework ever (literally)
  5. dont worry those aren't too hard wait till you get to college thats when shit starts to really get hard
  6. way ahead of ya :3some: dont need to be stuck in an elevator to have fun
  7. give em viagra that'll take care of everything
  8. oh i dont know about that i sure the people next to her at the laundromat will notice the wet panties
  9. i used to have tons of easy classes they were fucking awesome do nothing in class do nothing at home and still get an A
  10. notice how her hands aren't visible? i wander where they are?
  11. not a bad idea not really needed though they all get raped anyway
  12. : : : edit: oh going back to the original subject my bad
  13. let the rapists be raped.. hmmm... sounds like everyday life in prison dont drop the soap!!
  14. oh the gave me the wrong imperssion you know the "stupid" part isnt exactly a compliment
  15. its cali people dont need a blackout b4 they rape, pillage, and loot hell its almost a sport in some areas
  16. hey whats with the personal attack? no need for that
  17. oh an easy "A" class thank god for the easy "A"s
  18. a lot of it is a pretty statement cant say i totally agree with the hackers part though the author makes it sound like all hackers are bad hackers get enough bad publicity as it is we dont need this arrogant ass (admittedly a intelligent ass but an ass all the same) adding to it
  19. thats some funny shit people should post more stuff like that
  20. just wandering what kind of class ur in
  21. come on it was a joke besides everyone "knows" he did it
  22. i totally agree with u the problem is going to be the bad publicity that we will get for it GOD damn all journalists they're nothing but sensationalists may their souls rot in the deepest pits of hell
  23. ya dont want to buy something that supports child rape or more importantly... pop music
  24. definitely a good show brought up a lot of memories from 9/11 one of the guys on the plane was even from the same city as me kinda freaky how out of 40 people and thousands of cities in the US that one of guys is from the same place as me
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