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  1. anyone else watch the dicovery show "Flight 93: the flight that fought back"? personally it made me very sad
  2. there might not have been any in those countries u mentioned but there have been plenty in southern asia, england, france, germany, spain, phillipines, and more pertaining to the nukes, its called MAD : mutually assured destruction, no one, except those who are trully crazy, will usse any WMD on us because the second they do their whole country becomes a very large crater i agree w/ u to some extent that we should keep more of our soldiers, not all, in america and fuck the UN they're more corrupt than ..... ok i cant think of anything thats ever been that corupt they make enron and the catholic church look clean
  3. yeah the WTC would be standing but something else wouldn't historically isolationism has ALWAYS had bad effects on the isolated the effects might differ each time but they were ALWAYS bad face it we live in the world and you cant ignore what happens in it the world gets more screwed up everytime the US and UN decide to ignore something its time we go and something to help others in all the places where its needed :brave:
  4. or at least none that u know of or maybe u just dont have anything worth going after
  5. u forget the ultra cool name and logo
  6. most things work w/ wine but that doesnt mean i would want to use them with wine or w/out for that matter
  7. yes u cant run IE on anything BUT windows
  8. and the requirement to run windows cant run it with anything good like linux
  9. wow what a smart retort u just love to prove ur own point dont ya
  10. disturbed: seriously where have u been? 2GHz fsb is not uncommon for some time now, on amd64's newegg just made a typo raptors: i got from compusa on sale for $400 then upgraded the shit out it
  11. expect some bugs when its no longer beta too
  12. read Megatokyo.com then u will understand the ways and humor of 73l-l L337
  13. whats really nice was the price $700 w/ free all in one printer, x300 integrated 128MB dedicated, 512MB 500MHz ram
  14. l>0ll7 l>!5 73l-l L337 L337 !5 3L!73
  15. they have get an old amd64 (pre 939 socket) hell i got a 2GHz fsb cpu in my laptop
  16. have a addon for a bottle opener pl-l34r t3h s7ud3nts l4ck 0f b33r
  17. they should make it affordable to the starving student
  18. where have u been disturbed? they have had 2GHz fsb in amds for over a year now
  19. ms: worry about security, constant bugs and failings, and inefficiency
  20. cholla: sorry about what is said before i was drunk and pissed off everyone: i keep hearing that america should just leave the world alone or become isolationist if anyone here remembers their history then they would know that isolationism ALWAYS HURTS the country example: japan was left behind in power and tech, it took them a world war, imperialism, their ass getting handed to them, and about 150 years to catch up example: during the beginning of WW2 america would not join the fight, results were that germany took over most of mainland europe, and it took us more LIVES and time to beat germany back not to mention the other thousands of lives lost in other countries while we refused to help them isolationism=idiocy
  21. wait a second if a student makes a big deal over $20 then how the fuck can they afford the other $180?
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