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  1. P.S. If you were me...would you: 1. tear out hair? 2. go bungie jumping? 3. make a scupture of the system in the hot tub with 20 bags of portland cement? Hmmm...'mo'
  2. Coknuck? Thank you thank you and thank you. :wink:Now that I've thanked you in advance a wee bit...I must say, I'm getting, as of about 6am here...the rather typical 'dis-connect/reconnect' pattern on my modem that's plagued me lo' these many moons. my *signals* are spot on! And consistant...of course, when it's 'recycling' for no reason..I can't get the log up until it's back online...but they sure look good, but they've always been good. I've had Level 2 tech from Cox check the system pretty well...won't fail when someone's here and on the phone:"Looks good from here!" So, any ideas for me...Wah!! I didn't disconnect from when I moved it yesterday...for 11 whole hours..today? Yuk! Thanks for even taking the time to read this..send me a thought wave if you have one Downstream Value Frequency 579000000 Hz Signal to Noise Ratio 36 dB QAM QAM256 Network Access Control Object ON Power Level 1 dBmV Upstream Value Channel ID 2 Frequency 22800000 Hz Ranging Service ID 2160 Symbol Rate 2.560 Msym/s Power Level 39 dBmV
  3. i got my Christmas present early. As of Wed. 12-20-06: "Fritz! That's it!" (a not to Sparticus: also 'not cached') :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 12343 Kbps about 12.3 Mbps (tested with 12160 kB) Download Speed is:: 1507 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Server 1) Test Time:: 2006/12/21 - 1:43am Bottom Line:: 215X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 0.68 sec Tested from a 12160 kB file and took 8.07 seconds to complete Download Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% + : 146.07 % faster than the average for host (cox.net) D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-W2OVNQE0S Be happy for me...new Realtek NIC..(had been using usb..duh!) and moved the modem and the whole office to the 'first in' position'. Eureka!
  4. Well, I thought about that a bit Tommie, some big parking lot BBQ cook-off would be grand. Geeze...can picture it now!!
  5. A Wonder Filled Christmas and/or Holiday to all!!
  6. Gee Tommie, I think we could have a contest...maybe a 'bake-off' hahaha...the winner *gets to* shine up someone's bike...virtual-reality style of course. No worries mate...I saw the comments AND 'The Bike' NICE!!!
  7. Thank you Tommie & Sparticus et al http:// I'm overdue for some *real* problems which have yet to surface on my 7+ year old computer. (knock plywood) I've beefed it up this way and that...and so far, luckier than average. I was a Camp Fire Girl *not* a Girl Scout, but for some things...I'm truly 'Always Prepared'. You know: spare, new hard- drive handy etc.When those times come I'll be in here 'cryin' for sure. As Sparticus seems to have hinted at by asking re: 'Norton' my answer being "never". It occured to me tonight to run my 'regular' TMN download speed w/no F/W at all running. Eureka! 11.6Mbps down!!!! Gettin' there. Y'all will excuse me from the Christmas music tonight. Not sure what I'm up for. Today I moved my 'office' to the nearest cable hookup in my place..been putting that off too. So, if that solves the 'dis-connectivity' problems..(they're rife on the forums everywhere) and the ethernet adapter fixed the Cox speed issues. I should celebrate!! (maybe polish someone's bike...hahaha) ...Best Christmas to all...See soon! 'mo'[
  8. Tommie, Sparticus and all the helpful people in the several 'haunts' that I've lurked in for many years...I want you to know I owe big-time for the many helpful answers (even though to others). As they say:"A word to the wise is sufficient" but I've found there's so many different platforms and set-ups that it truly is a detective job to be 'an overnight success'. Like years of: "Hmmm..." Just in case some advice may one day apply. Thanks to you all!!! (now I feel like Dorothy on her returnn to Kansas) 'mo
  9. Yes it is Tommie...been awhile since I saw this much 'light' at the end of the Internet tunnel. Yippie!
  10. No, I am prejudiced against 'Norton'. It's my belief that it IS a 'virus'. Heee! It's the ethernet now (today!) vs the usb before...lo these many moons AND judicious tweeking using *both* TCP Optimizer and the Cablenut 'adjuster.exe'. Had it tuned up fine...then added the pci today...bingo! got my 12/1 at the Cox L.V. site and others too...just not 'there' for TMY yet. I use a free version of Sygate and with our without it up ...I'm sailing now.
  11. I am following up on my own recent 'complain' see above. I did the deed and got a Realtek PCI FastEthernet card and put it in today. Also gave me an opportunity to clean up my entire computer stuff, at long last. The Cox advertised 12/1 that I said I wasn't getting? Well I am now!! (Virtually everywhere *except* TestMyNet.) That is a mystery to me. But will try TMN in the wee hours tonight and see if it's a mis-match or whatever I need to fix here...or not. Thanks to any who wondered *IF* a WinMe box can fly...it can, and it is. Wheeeeee!!! So, though I put off getting the PCI for much too long, using USB...and struggling to make 6M/512 lo these many moons, CA3LE (among many) is right: However 'elderly' your computer...if it can hold an ethernet card...and you've otherwise tweaked to the max. It's the only way to fly, and cheap too. God bless us every one! 'mo'
  12. Thank for the 'good luck' wishes...and also with you. Happy Crisp-nin'
  13. Tommie, I take it that you've met up with the philosopher that states:"Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes.... ... ... '..That way, you'll be a mile away and you'll *have* their shoes" Plus some skirmish with a really person with really serious foot-fetish problems? If I'm making fun of an actual disability...mea culpa in advance. You're welcome re: invite ...know what you mean about the tele-transporter thing. Mine's always in the shop. Oh we're so funny, eh? P.S. As yet no joy re new download speeds reflecting new price tier...and shant be unless a miracle or Cox decides to stop 'blaming the victims' and get on the stick. No, I haven't called them more than 6 times in last 5 days...but when my company leaves...they'll have a train load of truck rolls 'til *they* cry "uncle!".
  14. How's come I'm shown as a 'New Member' when I've been lurking for ages? Oh, ya...just posted first time within the last few days...still, I'm not 'new'. Oh well...de nada! Tommie? You'd have been welcome in the hot tub...I'm sure. Fire up your tele-transporter and bop on down!!
  15. Tommie! I do appreciate the 'thinking' behind that suggestion...one never knows how much another does or doesn't do/know in terms of routine stuff like Temp. file/Cookies/'.tmp' file dump/and all that jazz...but it's a 'religious obligation' with me personally, and done several times daily certainly before and after critical speed tests with a new $ cable plan. Absolutely bloomin' true though tommie..good on ya!! I'm dumb as a box o' rocks occasionally. Don't be surprised <me, whenever possible.. <me, by definition. And thanks for the 'will fit right in'. I *was* kind of getting the idea that 'she who uses WinME is persona non grata here and everywhere. So, I don't 'tout' it except to say the old adage (as with any system): G.I.G.O. See you all some more after Cox passes the buck in like fashion...about 17 times...then I'll dump the upgrade and re-have my (so-called) 7/512 gladly. Company in hot tub. Must go make nice.
  16. :cool2:Well, possibly due to 'cached' speeds, but the fact that dlewis-23-1 is just around the corner here in Scottsdale may play a role too Just deal with it and grow new buddies here. I am a die-hard WinMe fan..I'd not have even *mentioned* it but so many people like to flame it...why deprive them of their pleasure?
  17. Hey disturbed 'n' spart .my WinME is getting 30MB to 50MB on the Scottsdale mirror dlewis23-3...naturally that's a phenom. of proximity. I'm hopeful that Cox service will get off their duff and set THEIR end up properly. They and no one else shouldn't buy into the notion that WinME must be ditched if it's been made near perfect. I've done tweaks and some of the Cablenut stuff but it's as good as can be until Cox gets busy. Thanks for the interest
  18. I should've added that I live in Arizona, not Sierra Vista but Scottsdale and boy, the Scottsdale mirror really gives me some surprising results!!! 50MB, anyone? But that's BEFORE the upgrade, now it's 24MB...as Henry Gibson opined on 'Laugh In' (in WW2 German uniform): "Werry interesting! But schtupid!" Just joshin. I visit dlewis23-2 just for fun. But it IS interesting that after the upgrade...voila' ! Not even that joy remains :
  19. Hello all you Wednesday folk. I posted elsewhere, somewhat off-topic, that I just ordered the Cox 12/1. It's been about 3 days and 6 phone calls since. Now I'm getting about 5.5MB down and the *new* 1MB up. Problem=I already had 5.5MB down...nearly everywhere I tested..or close enough. Dear Cox didn't hesitate to bill me a mysterious amount 'extra' $14.00 the instant I ordered the upgrade online, and my regular monthly will be a shocking $63.90/month from here on out. Which I'm not thrilled about, naturally...but it's zero benefit to me. I got the no-longer-unusual runaround on the phone, of course. Of aprox. 6 calls, I was treated as not entirely stupid by one person in the order department and one tech, but no joy. I will have to 'prove' it to Cox by having numerous truck rolls I suppose. "See? even at cox/lv no improvement on download speeds whatsoever.". Naturally I ran Tcp Optimizer as well as Cablenut and tweaked and fiddled proactively . No joy still as of this writing. Any ideas please? I'm pretty well convinced that since the upgrade didn't even budge the download one bit, that it's at 'their end'. I 'know my beans' in some ways, but this has me stumped. This an elderly('99), but really solid pc with 512MB Ram and it runs like a top. Please don't hate me for loving WinME. 'She's' as slick as be. Sorry I'm so long-winded this morning. Time for a cuppa and what can I say but thanks for being here and thanks in advance!
  20. Having the same problem with new Cox 12/1 upgrade. I get the advertised upload but the download is as always: Not pitiful, but worrisome since I'm laying out more $$ and dnld didn't budge one iota. I called 5 times in 2 days to make *certain* that they have applied my upgrade properly at their end and am told:"Yes, it's all switched over.". Then I'm repeating myself re: "Well, I'm seeing not one shred of improvement here". Etc. My concern is that they're NOT concerned. I've had really consistent below but respectable 4-5.5MB down previous, never reached the 7MB and as to 12? In my dreams. So...I applied Cablenut and double, triple check my end. No problems and signals all good. I've got a sb5120 Modem which is good as gold according the the last Level II tech. who visited me months ago to troubleshoot disconnects. I too will wait a couple days before going crazy about the stone wall I run into on the phone, most of the time. I wish all of us Cox 12/1 folks best luck. We'll need it.
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