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  1. P.S. Fast becoming the Queen of 'Off Topic'
  2. Great news! Norton's new "Instant Responder" to any ones and zeros gives message like this: "Fatal Error: These digits were detected '00101101' mo further software will be permited to run on this computer until such activity ceases."
  3. The extra ram seems to have helped my TestMyNeck-Ache and TM-Head-Ache too...Who Gnu?
  4. Looks good luisdarisa..keep on truckin'
  5. P.S. I've gotten delivery on my additional RAM stick..will bring my elderly but super computer up to 768MB....and ya know what..I don't even really *need* it..but, Christmas gift I guess to myself..ta ta y'all for maybe the whole evening as I test drive things...wish me luck, hardware, even simple as popping bread in the toaster as this is...heavy 'toaster'
  6. Well, with the 60's...I forever love the Stones, Cream and eric of course rules forever...the list is too long to put here...and 'forget' whom sir? Oh well...I've stacks upon stacks of righteous sides Enjoy yours...I'll enjoy mine
  7. I can't resist posting my 'free association' chuckling as I do so...dl-23 quotes Roco re: microchip, eh? . o O ( mm, that was back in day for sure...macaroon-chips ) I think I'm hungry I think the 'it wasn't even called testmynet then' prompted this thought. . o O ( my neck is so stif sore and my left head being such a pain...maybe I'll call it 'TestMyNeck' ) That's all folks, gonna go soak my head and wait for UPS. oh boy...more ram.
  8. Well grandpa...those ideas put up for your Win2K + connection type...which I wasn't sure of...are all fine and good, but I left OUT the two that may be more useful...always and ever, some of my brains must have been toasted since moving to AZ..hee so, before the rest of the forum spanks me for forgetting these *Tcp Optimizer*..it's one of 'our' favorites..helps a bunch all by itself: it's not a big download either https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php *Tcp Analyzer* from SpeedGuide.net gives the low-down on all the Rwin-(receive window) and a a ton more: https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php? I don't mean to be elusive but I'm still puttering with my stupid stuff here..hahaha. It's great though, I love it
  9. Oh geeze roco, what a flake I am today! hahaha...the 'Love' album? Unless you already knew of it...haha I didn't say the magic word: "Beatles" master tracks and oh boy!
  10. Hey roco...myeldest grown kid burned a copy of Brian's 'Smile' for me..it's lovely that you got his London 'Smile' concert..I'm <green, that is and pretty 'square' mostly. But I have eclectic preferences in most things...bought m'self the newly produced 'Love' album which is all origina tracks from the 'boys'...a wee bit mixed and mashed..gorgeous sound quality..foe to say that..it has to be SUPER. Love it, in fact...time's a wastin and could use some tunes! I wish I could find the link to the .wmv music video I kept of 'beach boys' exact style-singing and backup...but it's our other 'boys', in uniform back when Kosovo was so very much on my mind. Simply called 'kosovomusicvideo'. They horse around and lip-sync perfectly...it's all the way neat.Oh, you may not have intuited that the 'Kosovo' great lyrics is song and orchestrated to 'Kokomo' Hahahaha...mightn't have been an obvious connection to "The Beach Boy" hahaha...am crackin' m'self UP, now.. Wheweee If I find it...I'll post it. Have good day/night.All Y'all <(~~)>, 'mo'
  11. I'm in Scottsdale AZ daytrader, where are you? Makes a HUGE diffence depending where the server(s) are. I can see it requests your 'area code' but that's no guarantee of proximity. I get my 12+/1 'normally' with nothing running to speak of..and not at peak business hours. I don't rely on the highest speeds I can get..it's all 'infrastructure' related anyway. BUT...brb.(__) with 'results' from a site located (?) at the rush hours on the internet all over the country
  12. good question grandpa...here's a cuppa while I (noobie though I am at helping here)...try to assemble a few thoughts and links perhaps that will guide rather than give you a bum-steer. First off, my stuff for 'tweaks' (little adjustments of one kind or another) and 'cablenut', one of our really BIG shot's work that sets one up to be able to 'twiddle' (haha, more tech talk)..are both in 2 folders on my desktop...each labelled as those 2 items. They are *under* this window...hahaha. be back if/when I get behind it and can re-acquaint m'self..hoping to see the light for a satellite(?) connected Win2K. Hmmm... (__)?. It's good exercise for me to 'try'. But meanwhile, maybe less new helpers may just point you in the right direction straight away...they sure have been helpful when I merely lurked and read of solutions!. Hmmm. While I was 'still' in the happy wilderness of Googling my brains out for answers, in your boat (and I was there..hoping for better download rate) I'd have first gone through the links in this bit of Googling: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=tweaks+for+satellite+with+win2000 VanBuren's 'Cablenut Settings' comes in here eventually, after you fathom which/what/where of getting Cablenut for Win2k. http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-1013 *Please friends..help here as to which what he needs in terms of direct route and how-to on that..I can guide, but not 'steer' too well * thanks But that's rough start... Here's another necessary step to kind of plug in your Latency and such...for figures to plug into the..ahem 'analyzer.exe' (which is the right-arm of Cablenut, once *that* is found by you and installed. But we don't have that yet? I know.. http://www.j79zlr.com/cablenutXP2k.php (I wish I could just *hand* those Folders to ya..be easiest..takes some mental energy to figure which of what may be just the thing to try) Keep on keepin' Grandpa...have a good day
  13. Aww..you guys are not only 'cute' but sweet too.. have a cuppa? on me! (__)? (__)? and and extra (__)? for me
  14. Truly WOW re: that tommie...who knew? We're kin-folk under the flaking paint of some great ol' Detroit iron, so to speak. (__)? And good morning/afternoon/evening or night to allTMN-ers ..wherever you may be.
  15. supakilla25? prolly a dumb question, but do you turn off your firewall when you test at TMN? If I don't...from long experience of 3 weeks runnin ...my dnlds are half what they should be. F.Y.I. unless of course, it's, uh..so obvious that if it were a snake, it'd have bit me As often happens. Ow! : 'mo'
  16. Well wyantm06, I have similar scratching on a plastic facing on something quite different...and haven't even TRIED what I'm about to suggest to you...but WD-40 is supposed to be good fill-in for scratches on surfaces of that nature...might even try Armor-All! Watch where the sprays go tho, I suppose. Neither could hurt permanently...keep the Windex or similar handy in case it's worse rather than better. Good cleaning first good idea too. I'd try it, but this advice comes with the typical 'disclaimer' Good night/day and hope you get a good idea. 'mo'
  17. Fred...Re: "Now that it is all over I want to thank our Host ,Boss ,Major, and all the lieutenants, and everybody else that keeps our wonderful site moving forward and upward, A very happy new year and a prayer for all of our young men and women that are constantly in harms way in the war zone where ever it is. Again Thanks and may God Bless each and every one of you." DIG YA THERE...& DITTO FRIEND! 'mo'
  18. "Mr. Franklin? Ya think this 'lectricity stuff will catch on?" That's what I'd have asked... But seriously...my hearing's been gone for ages...I appreciate the shrinking of high-technology my 'aid' is my saving...'specially with wee grandkids voices...not to mention the phone, and music? Wow! Would you like to join me in listening over OUR present tech.? -Taste Treat in Tunes Time- http://www.archive.org/details/casbahradio072206 From the archives of www.archive.org (AKA 'Casbah' KSYM-San Antonio) Nice 'canned' 2-hour radio program of non-stop full cuts from one of my personal favorites of all time... "The Ventures" (I download but am doing Stream from this listed item): 'casbahradio072206_vbr.m3u VBR M3U Stream' Happy listening Don't let the bed bugs bite y'all...
  19. Tops me tommie...110mph on the highway back to Chicago from down-state...in guess what? An automobile that others would have been ashamed to be seen in. Rust-bucket white Buick LaSalle 4 door sedan BOMB of a car!!! White with 'rust' lace on the bottom edges...still be driving it if the brakes hadn't made me sell it. But then, I'd paid $100 a year earlier...so I could afford to take $50 for it I'f I'm lyin' I'm dyin'...
  20. thanks dl-23, if I may coin a pet name...blink, blink
  21. Gee tommie, thanks for asking then: Tell ya what my lengthy discourses are to me and hopefully to others: Helping folks realize they're not alone in the boat...and as such, we trade 'secrets' of what works and what doesn't...but it's so subjective. I'm no better no worse then the average nerd at this stuff. But I have a TON of trial and error experience to share. Verbosity vs brevity. My answers to any questions are meant to cover the bases (all) inform rather than puzzle..and generally..have a good time
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