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  1. hahahaha tommie...leave it to you to find the joke...my mom used to say when someone would say..'well, (this or that)' "Yup, well, well, well...a very deep subject" don't know why but you *made me* think of that
  2. I DID do my house-keeping (on the computer that is) and speeds have been somewhat low...to put it mildly for a Sunday NIGHT it's 11:33pm and it's depressing..sigh..but yeah dawn...good point, pages loading..why let a dumb speed test get me down
  3. Oh wow...well, I too had to read tdawnaz's statement back when...I believe it makes the case for considering very carefully that which we do...and daytrader obviously realizes that it means that. The language is that of a 'parable' and doesn't refer the the usual hustle bustle of typical daily activities. Wash your dishes or your clothes s.l.o.w.l.y. for 'fear' of disturbing dirt to some ill effect?...heehee...am sure that's not what it means, but if you take time to consider the deeper meanings behind things..it can be a good thing.
  4. Howdy Uskeo!! Howdy Tommie!! I'm curious, what's your stated down/up rates...mine's 12/1 with Cox cable here in Arizona..too a bit of doing to finally figure out what it would take to actually GET those ...but am good now, well, actually..my computer was hay-wire for a few days...all of THAT time the Cox connection was *solid*, now my computer is sorted out (by me and with a lot of hair-tearing and cussing) and ya, you guessed it...my Cox connection has been ultra flakey today...so, I go to do some routine maitenance..and ya, you guessed it...even in Safe Mode..for the first time EVER, Scandisk refuses to get past about 15%...even though Defrag. ran with no errors, which I almost NEVER do if I can't get Scandisk to run ok...so, blah blah blah and howdy, I'm 'mo' P.S., lucky you (probably) for having a Comcast tech right next door!!!
  5. Daytrader? You're online with that storm raging? Sounds like me Impressive graphic!!! Take care!!!
  6. K0n5t4nt? Sometimes if you use like the 'TCP Optimizer' you can get better than you're connection is rated for...and certainly better than you did, ok? This forum will help you reach your maximum and beyond...but the topic of 'uncapping your modem' is taboo because it is theft. That doesn't mean you'll be in 'trouble' for asking about improving your speeds...nor in 'trouble' for succeeding. Just steer clear of anything that's not, shall we say:"kosher" and there's a LOT of tweats and tips that help...not to mention good 'habits' before speed tests: 1. clear your Temporary Internet Files completely before each test..especially at TMN and 2. Usually, best speeds withOUT anything else running, and at off times of night, AND with your firewall and antivirus temporarily turned OFF. However...don't go to just ANY 'speed test' site with those 2 turned off...for obvious reasons, eh? best luck and welcome to TMN!!!
  7. Nice speeds everyone!!! I'm going to skip the speed tests for a bit...just getting up and watching a beautiful sunrise!! My left-head is going Ow! So it must be time for some caffeine (__)? Hold the fort
  8. nite Tommie...good luck Spart. you all have a good night/day and I'll catch up later...
  9. You're close Sparticus hahaha, My 'guess' is my secret...I'll find out...and if I'm right...how many TMN bucks? Ok! Feb. 3rd, and if anyone else has it? Sorr!!
  10. Hahahaha ...yup tommy Gotta show 'em who's boss..only way!
  11. Well, actually... Ya.mine gave up on gold-bricking and having a nervous breakdown..I wasn't buying the 'act' Hee
  12. LOL 'you guys' I'll try and 'go get 'em' later Or maybe, uh..soon. I've run into some interesting uh..computer hiccups...but, I'm The Doctor and the doctor is 'IN' here at home...boy, is THAT ever a trip..it's been going psycho..ya, did all the diagnostics and wow, I won't even begin to give you the list of it's little freakish new behaviors..Dr. MOm/GRAMmy/JO feels like a rocket-surgeon tonight. Too many, too many, too many to list...but now all good. Holy Crap!
  13. I'm making a guess but maybe a secondary 'contest'... "Guess what I'm guessing!" hee
  14. I'm 'MOm/GRAMmy/JOdy' to my nearest family, so I mashed that together Please tdawnaz...as knowledgeable as you are? You aren't bending over backwards to test the usefulness of the tips'n'tricks'n'tweaks? I confess...the first time I looked at the Cablenut array of choices..I go:. o O ( hmmm...don't think I can keep that sorted long enough to know which helps and doesn't..) but, that was a couple years ago, I'm more likely to try things now. I hope this testing and pasting isn't a waste of pixels...I'm going to post these results for the edification of whomever..and hope, thought it's a lot to read...that those interested in seeing my results here, there and everywhere in TMN(eck) will at least reply with:"Duly noted" THIS IS A LINK TO ALL MY TMN RESULTS, regardless of server used: http://www.testmy.net/tools/database/db_search.php?type=user&q=mogramjo&framed=&limit=30&sort=test_score&d=DESC DL-23? Comparing The Scottsdale mirror anomaly messages and results at this moment, with the regular Server 1/2 test results at the bottom...tell it better than I can in prose. I guess you didn't see earlier explanations for why I *can't'* get beyond the 1MB at this site, with the exception of one time, last night and one time today....I tried them all...and if I recall correctly...7.3MB and it 'let' me and produced like 10.5MB. Yes, cleared all TIF and...let's see...I thought you were aware of that. See below for all results just now from 20MB back up to 1MB at dlewis23-2 if you wish.Besides extremely close to me, it may be some pecularity of the 'uploadgenie' software that it guages speed, but deems me TOO fast to even waste the mirror's monthly allotment. That's my speculation, but I really don't know. Is that now clear as mud?( I don't think I'm managed to explain it, even to the dlewis23-2's OWN satisfaction.hee ): http://www.testmy.net/o-mirror-dlewis23-2 That link offers these 5 different size downloads to choose from... "Available Download Tests
  15. Those are some nice speeds dawn!...I'd have been more than happy to get those figures but...wasn't able to until I threw more money around just recently. Shouldn't have had to...but the 'up to 7MB' they told us we suddenly had? Not where I was sitting. It's all good though...yours look great. Have a good day all y'all. Keep on keepin'
  16. daytrader? I've tried the CNET site 3 times since you suggested it...and get really lousy speeds from this in the 4MB range...I'm sorry I can't help you get what I usually get, but just a few minutes ago... 6:05 AM 1/4/2007 Jan.2nd 1:25am dlewis23-2 Scottsdale mirror is pictured here and was from 1/2/07 :::.. testmy.net test results ..::: Download Connection is:: 12089 Kbps about 12.09 Mbps (tested with 12160 kB) Download Speed is:: 1476 kB/s Upload Connection is:: 978 Kbps about 1 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB) Upload Speed is:: 119 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net (Server 1) Test Time:: 2007/01/04 - 6:05am D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-9L0WKVBAZ U-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-VBDNGOMFY * * * * Speakeasy: San Francisco, CA Last Result: Download Speed: 12735 kbps (1591.9 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 1062 kbps (132.8 KB/sec transfer rate Speakeasy: Los Angeles, CA Last Result: Download Speed: 11012 kbps (1376.5 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 1059 kbps (132.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
  17. That's awful big $$$ monthly tommie!! Yipes! Was just watching some of 'Alias'. Not much on the tube...but, I'll be toddling off soon...need to maybe get a couple things done early...Zzz... (there's an emote-combo...jester + angel...'bout right) Nyte-Tall...zzz...take care, don't let the bed bugs bite
  18. Ya, I've 'hovered' over many of them...most in fact...but the 'angry' look of what says 'embarrased' never matched my emotions..so, IF you see me use it: I'm hoppin' mad Many say 'boo' on VA hospitals but they do among the best work around. It's hard though, to have to wait for routine things...I've heard complaints on that score. Canadian friend needs an MRI badly to prepare for back surgery...can't get one for 6 months!!! Socialized medicine? Maybe...then again...what's our hurry!! 'They' will only find something 'wrong' that isn't all that abnormal. That's my feeling. Doctors are ok, got my flu shot this last fall, seems to have helped shorten a bout of it. I'm going to check on the comfy chair/tv combo for a bit maybe set my A/V to scan for awhile too. Take two, and call me in the morning
  19. actually...I was 18 1/2 when I married. 11 months later...my darling Susan was born in a tiny Army hospital in Seattle...where I grew up. Was supposed to go to Madigan at Fort Lewis, but I found the docs real 'chilly' with moms-to-be. They were prepped for returning soldiers full of lead and worse...the little hospital was a trip! Make your own bed, get going pronto but the stay there was like 7 days. Now? if you get a day and a 1/2...it's crazy. ah! the 'embarrassed' face..ok, it looks like ''bout to pop-your-top face..hahaha
  20. Well, I won't pull rank on you here...but 'sonny', I'm having to know..my kids are 43, 42 and 40 this last 2 months...hee hee. Of course I was a child bride. I've respect even for those I'm older than...if they're not too uppity hee By the way...the 9 to 1 ratio of male to female in TMN(eck)? Is that why there's no 'blushing' smiley? figgers
  21. I can't say that it's 'responding better' tommie, but we 'women' hahahahaha...love to shop!!! and need it or not...I got 'er dun! Thanks for your interest and stuff. Piece of cake...an on that other score, 2 days of head-neck misery...it's about time to pull out of that nose-dive. No, I don't abuse alcohol or nuthin, lo' these many moons in terms of New Year's celebrating or anytime else...not at all...but then, I had my share and then some. So, there I am, having a 'hangover' and didn't even have a drink during any holiday any year recently...that's OK!!! Am really feeling better, thanks
  22. Hi Marcin! :grin2:I'm no stranger to elder-computers, nor do they suck bilge water necessarily. For any computer, however 'fast' or capacious it's memory(s) and storage media...*not* junking it up is key to quick like a fox...but we all make mistakes...and have to back track and un-junk and stuff. That and good maintenance habits, and you're likely not to have many problems...I'll send up good thoughts for you and your computer. I hate to just dump one that's still perfect to give in to peer pressure, but if you can't get the performance YOU need...by all means...now's the time to get new equipment...and clean up your old as best you can and give to some needy soul. Hey, don't EVEN think I'm meaning any forum member *besides myself* with this picture, but I can't resist...had it as my 'avatar' elsewhere, I grabbed it somewhere..couldn't 'build' a smiley if my life depended on it
  23. I may have made you blush tommie...but I didn't mean just one of 'us' and you ARE cute and sweet..probably more than that too...but don't worry, I've not set my cap for a fellow in quite awhile, not in any seriousness at least...Call me 'Gram' ok?
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