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  1. Roco, I'm a fan of multi cultural expressions. Aren't we all? No worries mate Happy New Year or take your pick...hee! (spam, anyone? ) * * * * Happy New Year in a ton of other languages!!!!!! Cheers! Afgani Saale Nao Mubbarak Afrikaans Gelukkige nuwe jaar Albanian Gezuar Vitin e Ri Armenian Snorhavor Nor Tari Arabic Antum salimoun Assyrian Sheta Brikhta Azeri Yeni Iliniz Mubarek! Bengali Shuvo Nabo Barsho Bulgarian
  2. Hi Jeff...Happy New Year to you too! :icon_king:I'm in Scottsdale, AZ...have been for 12 years now as of Jan. 7th, 2007. It's been a pretty good year here. Just lately have truly enjoyed family coming to visit in two 'waves'. We had a lot of fun. I have some plans for Feb. travel m'self. Here's hoping you have a good year!!
  3. Call the Upload speed police...hahaha, no just kidding, but I'd 'worry' too though would be crazy-happy if I got 3mb up
  4. No router here, I'm connected as directly as I can. I get some surprisingly high download speeds too...the upload is more just at or over cap of my 12/1. There's a couple sites that give me awesome speed ratings like 2-wire http://www.2wire.com/bandwidth/meter.php? which can show 73.72MB!! but lonight earlier was 54.93MB that's the upper end. I'm unable to do much higher than about 6,200 in TMN Server 1 or 2 downlad *unless* I turn off my F/W. Then it's over 12...tonight 12,420 (no F/W) and 6,112 (yes F/W). This is the only site where it makes such a humongous difference. I'm just rambling on here..but, you get the picture. I too worry that even though I'm paying for 12/1 and suffer a lot of disconnection problems...that I'm 'Getting away with something' but we supposedly don't have powerburst in AZ yet. And these aren't cached results...unless, as sometimes happens at Speedguide's TCP Analyzer..THEY 'cache' results regardless of how many times I clear my temp files. If I login, then it's more likely to reflect my RWIN as it's actually set. Weird, eh? Have a good New Year's Eve..and if things get any better...we're probably in trouble
  5. haxor? it's *all over the map* but it's also all good!!! onya!
  6. I just meant to 'agree' with you roco...regarding using extra precaution in 'covering all the bases' when it comes to this computer stuff. check, check, double-check..roger that! over!
  7. good morning grandpa...just introducing myself to ya...I'm 'mo' & a 'grammy' of 7 under the age of 12 m'self. I like that you keep after your connection and post here and there. I've been lurking for a couple years I guess, but once I start 'communicating'...hahaha. Have a good New 2007 Year(__)?
  8. hahaha 'bread 'n' butter physics 101' cool! well, doesn't everyone wear belt *and* suspenders (braces in uk)? it would be a bad time to need a spare hd...and not have one but ya, I dread 'losing' the way it's set up now and supposedly, if I do have to install the new spare hd? the 2 CD set from Compaq would set me up exactly as I like it. One nagging doubt...(well, maybe a few more) it's a small .dat file to floppy that one of the options in the 'User Backup' etc CD. It 'says' it's 'if you need to install a new hard drive'...I have NO idea what to do with that tiny..whatever it is. Hahaha...how do I mash (oh I laughing so hard...can barely see!) it into the computer guts...hahaha to make the difference after plugging in a new hard driuve...pure mystery...and Z.E.R.O. clues in any documentation with the original stuff...or online or anywhere including Compaq support. Sooo....I gingerly purchased a drive-imaging/mirror/backup software for $40 too..thinking.... o O ( mebbe I'd better just copy my drive to new drive ) Now having re-capped the whole story Roco, I'm no closer to having all the answers than I was...maybe it will help to have refreshed my short-term memory...just in case
  9. thanks...I use that a lot too tommie How about this one? http://msnbcmedia.msn.com/j/msnbc/Components/Photos/050816/050816_animalhouse_vlg_3p.widec.jpg
  10. tstillery PLEASE be safe and smart...maybe April will be better there. Will hope so. And ya..you can post what's up there, if it's not 'classified'. You're among friends. Oh boy...Bluto-Smiley....hah! Where did you find that tommie? No, don't tell me...I like mysteries. Shug's cool about all that. Nice bunch of folks I'll tell ya.. More oh boy...quit smoking, now there's a idea! :idea:I'm payin' $46+ for the 'generics' here now. Being scalped! 'Commit' huh tdawnaz? But..well, maybe if I did as you say and *not* follow directions this time...Hmmm. Thanks. edit to fix your quote...type your post after the end quote code
  11. Thank you Swimmer...will *wade* through that soon. Not much of a 'swimmer' recently but I'm bound to learn something. Happy New Year!
  12. By the way Tommie, you surely know I wasn't indicating any deception on *your* part by my attempt at humor re:"do I smell 'pants on fire?" I was thinking of news mongrels in general. And yes...north country folk are hardy in the extreme!! Been there, done that and glad I don't have to shovel sunshine
  13. It's sad that so many people made 'hay' at the natural disaster known as Katrina. I don't mean individuals 'accepting' trailers or debit cards or any think like that...all vote-buying in populous areas is a given. What I disliked is all the disinformation that passed for 'news'.of what happened in New Orleans during the immediate aftermath. A lot of prejudice seemed to color people's idea of what was 'likely' to be true. Sensational stories that turned out to be nothing even close to truth. (Do I smell "pants on fire"?) But, having said that... There's quite a difference between anywhere in North Dakota and anywhere in Louisiana. I started here: http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/38000.html The *whole state* of N.D. has aprox. 642.200 in it whereas N.O.'s pre-Katrina population was 455,000...and the storm hit a much wider area in LA then just the city proper...good topic though. I can sure recall some horrible(?) blizzards up Illinois way...but then that would be telling my age
  14. Good onya Tim...I was at sea about what you might do...but Googled even though..it's fixed now: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=wrt54gs+v.5+router+stuck+in+management+mode For what it's worth...Yippee!!!
  15. Just butting to say I'm going to the store, anyone want some sp-e-e-e-e-d? hee Fun to *not* be having the same problems, for a change.
  16. Re: Quiz Roco, good onya! Re: Drug testing? Let Shug do it, if he dares Re: Shug:( I often *do* Google, but my creativity came out in my 20-TMN buck answers, where do I collect? :lipsrsealed Re: Tommie as majorly 'spammer'? Aww...I like spam!!! Re: Spart's editing..hahaha Ah CokNuck..."1992"! That's a good year and a good number!!
  17. Q. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? A. It *bites*, but it's cool Q. Why is Santa's little helper depressed? A. Because she's Mrs. Santa and all there is left is Hamburger Helper(lame): Q. What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus? A Chimney sweeps on Christmas Eve. Q. What is red and white and gives presents to good little fish at christmas A. An embarrassed killer whale? Congrats Roco on making the One-K + team!!!
  18. Ya know, sometimes my short-term memory fails me, like...I figure out how to 'fix' something but then later forget what I figured out, even though I got it 'fixed'...not that I *need* it by then...but it bugs me. What that has to do with the price of flour at this juncture? I'm not sure, what's the topic in this thread? Hmmm... Oh Yeah...presently: older and/or formerly busted computers. But it was the mention of 'Norton' that got me remembering. NO, I've never fallen for it...but sit at many computers that have it. I tell the owners as gently as possible: "You know some of us consider *Norton* itself to BE a virus
  19. Nice talking with you too Roco..ta ta for now. I *do* have an identical HD as spare and there's a bay for it too. Have a good night/day
  20. Re:"Good news on the backup regime , and great to see you have a partitioned H/D . I have been preaching Backup/partition for years, and never seen a topic devoted to that on TMN, but many on help, I have lost my files/os" I can't take much credit for knowing a good thing when I've see it...Compaq included the software (proprietary 'drive-image' and the partitioning to do all the necessary stuff like, user-backup; user-restore & factory-restore...I'm *****ed should my partitioned HD crash totally, but until then...in like Flynn, as they say.
  21. Ah...yes, my Win95 laptop also 'flew' with only 16MB Ram...honestly, I didn't see much meaninful difference in tasks I normally did after when I moved up to this thing...having 64MB to start...but 'everyone' said: "Get more Ram!" So, I got 2-256MB's and will go to 768MB as soon as UPS gets here. Not expecting too much oomph with that eithe!...I don't 'game' or do photo editing etc. so, not that much of a performance boost. I do run without a Vcache and no System Restore turned on either. Mainly because I've got good user backup of C: to D: partition (done frequently) and my HD isn't all that large...still, after 7 years..I'm only using about 12% of my C: drive!!! Here's the drinks for yer New Year's party Roco, Cheers!! _/ http://www.swedishbookreview.com/article-2003-s-thompsonl.asp "Sweden and Alcohol"...on the house!!!
  22. Mmmm! raspberry, now that's an idea who's time has come!!! Tack!
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