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  1. Good OnYa Roco! :evil6:I'd love to wait for yet a 3rd *fan* to post but I have to 2nd the emotion while I can. In fact....my particular WinME/Compaq 5000 Series? *will* accept a 3rd stick of 256MB Ram, which is on it's way to me as I type this. I'm putting my $ where my typing is I have had another Compaq product previous to this..a Win95-loaded Armada laptop. Honestly, it did *everything* I needed it for...until I broke it accidentally..duh hey on me! But a nod of thanks for the thumbs-up action re: WinME at least. In appreciation for the positive feedback Roco, I'd like to send you some virtual Swedish Pancakes...or Norwegian Lefse, whichever you prefer! Happy New Year!
  2. We loved "Swedish Pancakes" and they may be called 'plattar'. Are they a thin egg batter and cooked crepe-like? I like them with butter and a piece of fried bacon rolled inside....other's go for the lingonberry sauce. American-Scandinavians do cross-cultural on some of the better good eats. Lutefish isn't one of the things that others will adopt willingly... I'm kidding only a bit when I say "I was raised by a pack of wild Norwegians'' And ja, lefse's Norwegian: (quote) "lefse (lef-suh) - Lefse is considered to any "good" Norwegian the same as the tortilla is to the Mexican and the crepes are to the French. A Scandinavian tradition for decades, lefse is a pastry made from potatoes, flour, butter, and cream. It is widely prized as a delicious delicacy, whether served plain or with butter and sugar." (Ugh, sugar on lefse) Kind of a stiff-necked bunch of comedians, hee! But they sure can party I've a couple chat friends from Sweden who're kind enough to share a few words with me. Generally, the Swedes know English quite well. But it's fun to pick up a few words.
  3. P.S. (I know this is 'off topic' but...'tis the season to be jolly) Also see: http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0923039.html for New Year's greetings for friends elsewhere, "Stastny Novy Rok" (Czech) for instance
  4. Welcome Wilkas. This be the place for all the help you require! Also, Laimingų Naujųjų metų !! (from: http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=42171 ) 'mo'
  5. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/rodstewart/iwishyoulove.html (Quote): "I wish you shelter from the storm A cozy fire to keep you warm But most of all When snowflakes fall I wish you love..(or at least "like" )..."
  6. Hej VanBuren, hur mar du? Thank you for the 'welkommen'. I've lurked here and near here so long...your name and good advice is very familiar to me. 'Gott Nytt Ar' to you and yours. (Want to say 'Happy New Year' around the world friends? http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0923039.html ) It really would be nice to make some lefse here this year...been ages and I *do* love it, bit of a mess though, ja? Tack! Jag mar bra! 'mo'
  7. Oh great Sylvan...am SO glad!! We do get the jungle drums going here, eh? Congrats on not having to take them to court....yet
  8. Ah yes tommie...The 'steep learning curve' of early-times computing-at-home. Yipes!!! I also 'toasted' my first home 'puter. Such that well, it wouldn't ever acknowledge that it even HAD a C: drive anymore. Hahaha. It was used, and of 'tiny mind' but still, wah!! So, next day I was at the computer store with my shopping cart. That was over 7 years ago. I still can't decide if these are worth the work to keep 'em running smoothly...since that's about all we do. Hahaha. danyell, I can relate. My 3 year old grandson introduced me to PC's: "No Grammy, that never works!" "Look Grammy! (kaboom, etc. as he played with his CD games behind me). What little human these days *doesn't* instantly go for 'buttons' and 'knobs' on all electronic gear and know how to work stuff sooner than we do? It's kind of...coded somewhere :buck2:in the genes I think, eh?
  9. On follow-up, by Jove, I think I've got it!! Cobbled together just enough 'rules' and since doing so, well....knock plywood but looking good re: 'disconnectivity'. Been so long since it's been staying connected even for 24 hours, I'll be somewhat expecting trouble still. Looks good recently though. Dang firewall. Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em.
  10. I appreciate that link Tommie http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-4257 There's a number of people I wind up 'counselling' who need to acquire some 'good habits' as are detailed by Streetriot there...It's super handy just to be able to lay that link on 'em and it's not the kind of thing that's easy to convey in a few typed words, so. THANK YOU!
  11. Sylvan, I really enjoyed looking at some of the beautiful instruments on your site http://wellsguitars.com/ I started with the mahogany strat that Sparticus linked to. I'm really too old to use the word 'awesome' a lot...but it and the whole site is just that. I'll be happy to hear/read when you've got Wild Blue's toes to the fire and get some results.
  12. Black beans 'n' rice PLUS corned beef and cabbage...sounds like a party!!! . o O ( Hmmm..do I make lefse? ) unlikely...but all nice ideas!
  13. Ya tdawnaz and others, it's nasty and pronounced 'Lute-fisk' if Swedish-American and as 'Lute-a-fish' if Norwegian-American. It's not eaten in the 'old country' anymore, they've got better sense..heehee!.Lefse is lovely though Lefse's made from mashed potatoes and enough flour to make a roll-out-able dough. Quite a mess to make as one's entire kitchen is dusted with flour by the end. The lute fisk (or lutefisk) is dried cod..that takes days of soaking in various solutions...winding up as smelly fish jell-o. But with enough melted button it, can nearly stand it. But my New Year's Resolution is never, ever to try it again. Both are Christmas traditions but our house-hold did a more traditional meal for that and lutefish 'n' lefse among other 'sides' for New Years. (Joke, though actually fairly believable)... "Well, we tried the lutefisk trick and the raccoons went away, but now we've got a family of Norwegians living under our house!"
  14. Thank you much for swift reply jypagan! I hope you have a good 2007.
  15. That sounds good amc! Hmm...growing up we had 'lute fisk and lefse' on New Years. I resolve never to have 'lute fisk' again. The lefse's good though!
  16. Howdy, I just installed Folding@Home here and have *one* question please In the Systray, right-click 'Configure'/'Advanced' (tab)/'Client type'/ there are 3 options: 'No Preference'/'Folding@Home'/'Genome@Home' Which choice is TMN's, if any? Thanks in advance! I feel 'useful' already
  17. Re: 40K membership in TMN...I'm off to beat the drums in my usual chat room for awhile...they expect me to be on *some* soap-box or another
  18. Hahaha...such 'compliments' WinME gets!!! I have 'customized' my 5000 Series Presario with just 3 things: 1. Gave it 512MB Ram-as much as Windows will recognize in this config. and plenty for my purposes. 2. Installed a CD-RW...the sales person who sold it to me said..'Oh yeah...has a CD burner..for sure!' (Well, had some software for one...which has gone unused) 3. Just recently an ethernet NIC to get my caps on Cox 12/1 tier. Other than that and extremely good habits, I can't figure out why I should be so lucky.
  19. I'll tell you what tdawnaz...I re-read my 'greeting' to igor...and now even I don't understand it...I think I was trying to 'relate'. Pretty lame, huh? Like.."Hey, I've eaten Serbian food! Let's be friends!" But...I meant well. No problems..I too have a tortured English many times...like that last sentence, f'instance:D Happy New Year anyway y'all
  20. That would be the case with the 'regular server 1-2' tests Tommie...this is the Scottsdale mirror that dlewis has kindly set up. Here's what appear for 'options' in terms of download size at that site: Available Download Tests
  21. If all y'all are *fans*, I wonder what *disgruntled* users might say Just call me "Lucky" So few problems here that I spend most of my time helping internet friends who're flummoxed by their 'new' everything. Gut instinct, we who are satisfied with what's working for us are glad to share good what we know to help others. If someone's struggling with poor speeds on dial-up we don't say:"Wow, ditch that dial-up!" If either money or availability of alternate connections are a problem. The response is appreciated, I suppose there are SOME reason(s) besides simple prejudice for such *hatred* of an OS. I've sat at many Windows boxes..95, 98, 98SE, XP both Home and Pro and *seen* Vista's GUI. Yawn! Hahaha.
  22. P.S. Ryan...I guess you didn't see what I get for as a message if I try dlewis23-2 with ANYthing larger than 1MB: "Sorry, your score of 78232 Kbps is over testmy.net's max of 60000 Kbps. It is very doubtful your connection is faster than 60000 Kbps... Please RETEST" (that's trying with the 3.1MB.I've got proximity in this case. However...no evidence of any 'PowerBoose', certainly no 'cached' results, nor anything BUT close proximity can explain it. The standard dowload test gives me 'expected' results very near my 12/1 Premier tier. I really don't understand why this is difficult to believe. Oh well...Obviously it's not of much use, normally to be so 'fast' so locally. But...it's a fact.
  23. My current understanding that we on Cox in Arizona don't yet have the 'PowerBoost' up...Virginia? yes...here? no.
  24. Chicago offers Sebian restaurants...you silly!!!
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