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  1. I haven't been 'impressed' with much else that I've seen from Windows either...I don't have any complaints about my elderly Compaq 5000 series Presario, nor about WinME. *If* I were into games, flight-simulation,photo-editing,film-editing or any really demanding computing...I'd see to it I had the hardware and software that works...that's the bottom line...THIS works for me. With NO problems, knock plywood. I guess having run main-frame computers for nearly 20 years when it wasn't the exception to have 250 savings and loan banks online/real-time over a 5 state area of dedicated lines...has colored my judgement as to just what good ARE personal computers, period..heehee
  2. Surely you jest Re: "welcome to testmy.net igor76 and mogramjo...how you enjoy your stay...and come back often. so are you two related? you both say your name is igor and you're both from serbia." my name = mogramjo igor's name = igor Chicago is NOT Serbia and you gotta be kidding...hahaha but thanks!!!! 'mo'
  3. Hee...if you must know, I was trying to be 'economical' with my wUrds...for a change...hence: 'Ditto'
  4. Among the many who 'flame'/'trash talk' about us supposed lamoids who still use and are happy with WinME and/or Compaq, I do wonder how many ACTUALLy ever used it? Same with Compaq..reality check, anyone? And don't forget "Garbage In, Garbage out" A.K.A=G.I.G.O.I'm feeling like giving some backlash, and as such, only a tiny defense against a sea of bad opinions. I debated about posting, but I think it's past time to feel intimidated by users that have gaming and photo editing as hobbies which I don't. Then there's the 'Boys and their toys' which is interesting and fun to read about, but not always relevant. I don't pretend to know everything...but what works, I don't fix. Still, I'm interested in what others find good and bad in newer OS's and hardware. I've not had even *one* problem related to either my OS or my computer in over 7 years. (Now, my internet connection problems? that's a different story, and I share those problems and whatever help I find with anyone as well as find tons of help for that here in TMN) So, I got that off my chest Happy Holidays all y'all. See you 'round the forum. 'mo'
  5. hello Igor from Serbia...Chicago, Illinois, USA (not where I live now) has wonderful Serbian food restaurants...welcome to *here* and a belated Merry Christmas
  6. Ya Tim, but it's NOT cached...if that's what you're saying, nor do I pay for 100MB tier...I pay for 12/1 and it's *only* on the dlews23-2 download mirror that I get in the neighborhood of 23MB (no point in telling you that it was in the 50'sMB-wise BEFORE I got the 12/1 with Cox...again, NOT cached. The results with a 1MB are just *now* are: :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 31450 Kbps about 31.5 Mbps (tested with 1075 kB) Download Speed is:: 3839 kB/s Tested From:: http://uploadgenie.com Test Time:: 2006/12/25 - 4:43pm Bottom Line:: 548X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 0.27 sec Tested from a 1075 kB file and took 0.28 seconds to complete Download Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% + : 525.62 % faster than the average for host (cox.net) D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-QITK9YA0N User Agent:: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90) [!] Does that clear anything up for you? I didn't mean to shatter anyone's illusions re: anything
  7. Good onya Dlewis23 for blocking the baddies! I personally have a 'twinge' of guilt when I do your wonderful Scottsdale mirror download test, if I opt for ANYthing bigger than 1MB I get the: "Sorry, your score of 78232 Kbps is over TestMy.net's max of 60000 Kbps. It is very doubtful your connection is faster than 60000 Kbps... Please RETEST" (with 3.1MB) (I'm never able to use the 'upload' from that mirror either. I wind up at a 'not found' page eventually.) Uncached :smiley6600:download speeds from there (for me, also in Scottsdale) are always at least 23MB on my 12/1 Cox cable connection. I'm *not complaining!!! But, I felt a 'twinge' when you started the 'Damned Hacker' thread...because it occured to me that your server was 'feeling stressed out' due to my few attempts at a bigger than 1MB file download. I know, it's not related but...still. Your dlewis23-2 mirror must be on my nearest corner, eh? No worries and glad you've got it covered!! Have a great Christmas/New Year and thanks for all you do!!
  8. Aww, daytrader, that's *so* nice, thanks for sharing it with us. I'm more of a 'hick' than a 'hillbilly'. Hope you're not prejudiced Happy Christmas Day all y'all Anyone besides me have little use for 'modern' country music as in 'popular'? I fell for bluegrass music via many festivals the biggest of which (that I spent 3 sleepless days camping amidst) was/is the 'Walnut Valley Flat Pickin' Festival in Winfield, KS each 3rd 4-day weekend in August. Been several years, but it's awesome. I did see Bill Monroe and that bunch there too. Wowie Zoo!
  9. Goodnight all...Santa can't visit if I don't get to Zzzz...
  10. Oh yeah Tommie, I'm 'there'... So, am I 100% happy now? Hmmm...still twiddling and tweedle-dumming with my F/W to figure which combo of least wrong blocks/allows gives fewest patches of random disconnects. It should be 'formulaic', but...I'm still twiddling for fewer 'disconnectivity' episodes. Other than that? Coming up roses @};- Thanks!
  11. Howdy and Happy Christmas daytrader! I'm used to 'lurking' in this forum but recently found myself posting. Just wanted to say 'hi' and wish you the best with both your business now and all your online interests in the future. Happy New Year too , 'mo'
  12. 2 1/2 hours here until Christmas Day...officially. I'm going to spend it quietly having done the local family thing tonight..everyone had fun and no one 'shot their eye out' either.
  13. DANG! Get it done 'mo'!!! ( I talk to m'self ) How could I forget THIS super site?! http://www.broadbandnuts.com/index.php?page=7
  14. Well dang me, dang me...they ought to take a rope and hang me!!! At least I realized the OTHER *first thing* (besides Cablenut/Dslnuts) that I did prior to getting to where: 1. Installed an ethernet NIC (vs usb) 2. Moved modem and all nearest line-in here 3. Run speed tests with no firewall up (yes Tommie, after clearing Temporary Internet Files) } The light dawns that I *also* used Tcp Optimizer from here: https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php See also: http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-1013 http://www.cablenut.com/ http://www.j79zlr.com/cablenutME98.php (but that's 'me' other OS's a-plenty) http://www.dslnuts.com/bitsbytes.shtml . o O ( hmm...this too ) https://www.speedguide.net/analyzer.php?
  15. . [nerdly]Hey, a few posts 'up' I outlined which 3 changes finally got me my 12/1 from Cox here...It's all true, as far as it went! I forgot to mention the *first* thing(s) I did, previous to those 3 things: Namely, got myself to Cablenut, DSLnut. I'd looked at every 'tool' I could find to tweak the tcp/ip and "network" control panel settings in general..to fit my setup perfectly. I did take liberties in this site: http://www.dslnuts.com/bitsbytes.shtml Perhaps I should say, "I experimented" with different Rwin values but all the rest I kept as was..mostly, straight out of the 'Calculator bits/Bytes' from that site above. My connection seems to 'like' 513920 in both DefaultRcvWindow(Rwin) and GlobalMaxTcpWindoSize. I have an extremely simple setup here so many suggestions for 'networked computers' etc. do NOT pertain to me. So, hang out here...if you're not meeting your 'tier'!!
  16. Yah Tommie, Adham and others...Pun intended: "It bytes!!" though
  17. Welcome adham_am! perhaps you were referring to the government policy in Iran...I found this article "Iran Restricts Broadband Speeds to Save Islamic Culture" here: http://www.newswiretoday.com/news/11081/ It looks like there's not too much you can do about that part. I sympathize. 'mo'
  18. I won't apologize to Cox cable now that 3 weeks later, I'm finally gettin the 12/1 I've already paid for. If they had ever even *once* suggested/mentioned/asked re: usb vs ethernet when on the phone or in person? I'd have been a much happier camper this last year and a half with them for HSI than I have been. Having said that...I finally bowed to convention from many references here and elsewhere to get with it and go PCI ethernet...silly me for expecting Cox to vote for that if it would be helpful, eh? That increase to 12/1 being a 'fact' didn't happen until I'd done 3 things differently. I already mentioned installing the ethernet card. Secondly, I moved my operation to the end of my place nearest the 'tap' into the condo. Lock, stock and barrel. The signals were real good already and went 'perfect' instantly...but the third puzzle piece that folks HERE clued me about hadn't even occured to me...as my F/W on or off has never before made ANY difference in my download speed tests...but now it does!!!! So, OFF it goes when I'm about to test at TMN especially...elsewhere? not so critical...why? I dunno I hope this 'journey' I've made will shed light on the situation for someone somewhere. (Many will scoff and say: "Elementary my dear Ms. Mo..Pish tosh!" but...
  19. Well, thank you! Uh...me thinks the truck-style suits my personality best...has 'verve'. It'd be a great way to celebrate New Years...virtual BBQ-Truck entry into the big cook-off. You can maybe do that part and I'll make some of the 'sides'. Your choice, ribs, brisket..a few choice chickens..it's all good. I make a mean cole slaw...and can do corn bread...mess o' greens if called for...not to mention pot o' pintos..done up proud. Ah...make myself hungry!
  20. "Cuter" does count Tommie... The 't' in tommie isn't upper-case either...pardon me for taking creative license...mea culpa
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