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  1. Hahaha granpa...you didn't do anything wrong ..I used you as an example for Wyantm06...of someone 'testifying on behalf' of someone...I was *agreeing with* (supportive of) your statement:
  2. ...but whips and chains excite me."
  3. To the head of the class Spart. There's a saying: "Roses are red, violets are blue...
  4. Ya granpa...slice somewhat thin..fry and serve with eggs and grits...and *no sugar* on those grits either...just butter'n'salt'n'pepper...unless you made some red-eye gravy from the fried spam drippings. How often to fix/eat such a meal? Once every 10 years whether you need any or not
  5. Ya, what granpa said! (See? I'm 'testifying on behalf of granpa')
  6. Spammer? Spammier? Spammiest? Spam-o-Rama!!!
  7. Oh well, Gateway vs Dell...what the hell...heehee
  8. Tim? Am sure if you are happy with your Dell, you won't just throw it out to get a MAC, but dl23 likes 'em, maybe if money were no object you could test 'em side-by-side. I wouldn't refuse either one, if a freebie...
  9. Van Buren's right razors and usually is Those are good speeds, but.. if you don't have TCP Optimizer already , here's one good source for the download: https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php
  10. That's great icg...my speeds have been real consistant until just the last few days. Just for 'luck' I fiddled with my RWIN too and we'll see, if it does no good...it can't do any harm either.
  11. Ah, nice to get back on the topic of New Year's 'food' PLUS a nice D-link modem and speeds to be proud of...we got it goin' on!!!
  12. WOW icg..is that your typical? I had to change my 'signature' last night..it's been 'off' earlier highs...hope that turns around. Good speeds icg!!
  13. Looks good shotintheda...you happy?
  14. Oh...I meant to post about why I changed my signature...speeds have been lower...and this reflects the best tonight...a shade off what I was showing there...but want to approach honesty, eh? ya...howdy tommie. I've finally made a big batch of 'lemonade' today...'t'warn't easy...but, "If at first..." etc. See yall after I figure out why things are going ok hahaha. Seriously, it's important to know...so I can do that next time...stand on my head with 3 green cotton balls in my cheeks...or the equivalent
  15. Ah...lookin' good dl23...you too up there d34th4ng3l Not bad FiberOptic!!! and asen? AWESOME!!
  16. Hello asen. Congratulations on those speeds there!! VERY nice
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