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  1. woot. http://www.break.com/index/skater-breaks-arm-and-cries.html =)
  2. ADDMINISTRATIVE TEMPLATES> NETWORK> inside network I see "Offline Files" and "Network Connection" I cant seem to find QoS Packet Scheduler
  3. I usually just click "Show unread posts since last visit" but you do have a point. Some things should be in general, how to determine what should and what shouldn't I do not know. Maybe the rules for posting should be re written so there is no confusion.
  4. Well im in central n.j and my internet has been out since tuesday and they cant send a tech until like the tuesday coming up. They said theres only 10 people on my node and 3 of them are out. Idk what to do lol im dying without internet. Just thought id share my experience so far. The good thing they did was credit my mom 15 bucks back for the week we lost though. The tv is up though.
  5. Ryan314


    yeah haha i didnt think of it, sorry I cant help. I had forgot was SSH was.
  6. Ryan314


    SSH? Is that like remote system help or something? Edit: nevermind lol.
  7. wow that rifle has 950 fps? Thats pretty strong. Well I guess it should be for 500 bucks lmao. I have a little airsoft pistol thats like 307 fps, pretty fun to shoot cans over and stuff haha.
  8. I have a creative sound blaster, and the speakers are working now. For some reason my settings in the creative software had some special effects activated which were causing sound to only come from two speakers. Thanks for the help everyone.
  9. I havent found settings in WMP or LIMEWIRE and no they arent muted considering sound is coming from only two of em, and if they were muted, none would play.
  10. Alright well the speakers are on my computer, the settings are set to 5.1 surround sound in control panel and in the creative settings section, yet when I play music in Windows Media Player or Limewire it comes out the front two speakers only. Yet when I test the sound in the creative software it plays a voice throughout each of the speakers. Suggestions?
  11. Ryan314

    I am new

    Good idea, we should all make female aliases that way it will attract more members to TMN. where theres females, there will be 2x the males.
  12. Ugh forget it, Im just gonna let this thread die.
  13. In a forum signature... ><
  14. OMG I dont have a question, I started this topic to show my Userbar I created for testmy and so other people could give me feedback and possibly use it if they liked it.
  15. Ryan314


    Ive tried treasure trooper, Id say its kinda worth it if your into entering fake emails to spam websites and filling out surveys n stuff. Def not worth the time for me. But hey it might be for others
  16. Ugh, It wouldnt show correctly in wordpad. It had to do some conversion and it didnt work. BACK ON TOPIC..
  17. Yeah it worked. Back on topic lol.
  18. When you click reply, right under the spot where you type in a reply, it says in blue "Additional Options" click that... -.-
  19. um when your posting you click "Additional Options" and then you can select a file you want to attach with the "Browse" button.
  20. I made the Userbar attached to my post...
  21. It was probably the battery. He probably didnt think it was though.
  22. Yeah your battery was most likely loose. Thats a common problem I suppose.
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