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  1. If you have installed anything new such as hardware, try removing it. Also if you have an sd reader (memory card reader) make sure there isnt a memory card in it, because sometimes computers try to boot from that ... Mine does
  2. I believe he's referring to desktop resolution.
  3. Yeahh haha, All you had to do was wrap the wire around it and screw it in no mechanical enclosures and whatnot.
  4. Oh btw it didnt go inside it. It wrapped around it. Kthx
  5. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8308002&type=product&productCategoryId=pcmcat112200050016&id=1173578013266 How is this laptop overall? My sister is looking for a laptop and I saw this one. Comments would be appreciated.
  6. It wasnt supposed to be good, just funny basically.
  7. Yeah I wasnt even supposed to be in it, just was gonna help them make it considering its not my project. But they needed a barbarian so im like sure.
  8. Yeah i play a small part considering Its not my project. Im the one who gets the axe in my back at the beginning and dies. lmao.
  9. A video me and my friends made for their english project.. just watch O_O
  10. Notice how there isnt many spammers compared to other forums, apparently were doing something right.. And if you Cant stand TESTMY why are you here then? Please relax.
  11. I didnt mean something was supposed to happen, but im pretty sure you would see something opening and closing as you spin it no? I havent tried it yet due to a current lack of speaker wire.
  12. Lol most likely, but due to the fact I got this for free it doesn't bother me too much. =)
  13. Yeah I know thats what they GENERALLY do but by the looks of it there was nothing happening when I screwed and unscrewed it. Ill try it later.
  14. I also thought it was a tightening mechanism, but when I looked closer there doesn't seem to be any thing that tightens. I turned it and nothing clamped down. Im figuring it may be some kid of cable that screws into there.
  15. Not too sure how this amp/ or whatever it is works. I have some pics of the input area. Looks like it would take regular speaker wire but at the same time it doesnt. The hole in the input is large and theres like spinning things almost as if something screwed into there?
  16. We need an email to send it to....
  17. Lmao. Priceless. Gotta agree.
  18. No prob dude, enjoy Joost. =)
  19. Invite sent. Edit: sent cmoore's too.
  20. And some times from above/below.
  21. Ive got unlimited invites as well so ill help. =)
  22. I agree, although it was not spider man 1 or 2 material. It was a fairly good movie. I enjoyed it.
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