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  1. *sighs* This is a common advertising ploy. They desire to get you into the store whereupon you will buy more items and make up the profit margin. I worked at a similiar place that did the same thing and profited on it. An ADV is a special on tv or in the paper or advertising ads. They have about 200 of the items, but 10,000 people come to buy them. The rest buy all the other stuff and make up for the profit loss plus some. Everyone loses. and Wal-Mart blows. The day after Thanksgiving is the heaviest shopping day of the year. By dragging you in their store, they GUARNATEE you will be buying THEIR stuff and no-one elses.
  2. It's been happening to me for the past two hours! *wails and stops her foot* ....ssstooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooppp!
  3. first off, if you send email through a work net - yes, the IT department can track it. If you send it from your comp at home (only) he can only read it on his own owned site via the IP. Anything else is fair gome, and if you end up in a turf war like I did - there are laws to protect you. last glance? if you email from home - to him, yeah he can read it so don't
  4. How many do you want? *shrugs* I can get you to over a million intelligent people, but I need controls! I'm a loose cannon!
  5. I really don't care for AIM. I run an on-line radio station and take requests from listeners, and it's widely used, so that's why I have it. I tried google IM, didn't like it either, but I hate learning new things because it takes up valuable RAM in my head. Hate MSN messenger - it pops up - I HATE things that pop up at me - it reminds me of a very old lame horror movie called "the boogens". Don't want trillian, don't like being "managed"... ICQ is OK but seems to suck up too many system resources... So yep, I'm all about yahoo IM. Maybe I just love the smileys. Oh, and this spell check feature rocks!
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