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  1. I'll have you call me tomorrow and I will explain it to you sweetie
  2. Back at all of you! Happy New Year!
  3. I used to use it when I co-owned the radio station but now even the seeing the the word leaves a bad taste in my mouth... icky memories, ya know?
  4. Happy Birthday! Hey, maybe your daughter will be born today and you can have the same birthday!
  5. A Speedy Journey to you Steve Jobs. You helped to change the world.
  6. *grins and giggles* That's great!
  7. Woohoo! Milky Way's for everyone! Give one to Tommie Alucard! *holds the bag tight to her chest, refusing to share her own*
  8. Yeah, but C still isn't naked on the home page and I LOVE your avatar!
  9. can I have a milky way? Please? I'm hungry!
  10. Whatever C, just because one person can't buy tampax in a timely manner is no reason to change an entire board (@ Cable)N00B!
  11. You are SO spanked! Bad boy! BAD boy!
  12. OK, OK, I have spoken to EBrown and that he will refrain from this thread for at least a day. Unfortunately there seems to be a personal issue between dlewis and EBrown that is not going away quickly, or maybe in the long term but I am not certain of that yet. What I do know: both are knowledgeable about their systems. I also know that dlewis knows he has no right to tell a member of this site that he is a smart ass and has no clue. I suggest that the adult here should apologize, and that the minor should accept his apology and the two should stay away from each other if possible. Never forget. The i-net is forever and will follow you. However, if a "man" is a man, I shouldn't have to say this to him.... hello? Oh, and fighting over operating systems is STUPID!
  13. LMAO does that mean I can kill twitter??
  14. LOL, gives us pretty good odds... although Aggr3 keeps me pretty busy, so I'll have to let them all belong to you!
  15. dos va jay jay now hmmm? *snicker* Does anyone have a valid reason why we should even have created twitter?
  16. Ok, i really don't get it. Maybe I am getting old. E Brown will probably disown me for my opinion here, but WTH is so great about twitter? We can send our feelings out to the entire internet? Really? And that does what for you? Help? Someone enlighten me?
  17. *grins* Van, you have always been so generous to everyone on this site. Thanks for your generosity and kindness. Happy new year!
  18. It's amazing isn't it? The way more and more people want to control everyone. The music industry doesn't represent the artists anymore anyway. They are just another type of union. Overpaid, overfed, and overfunded.
  19. I can't or should i say *beams* they dissappeared....
  20. mmmm... they are velvet.... and feel so GOOD on my.....
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