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  1. Shhh, don't give up all my secrets... I thought YOU were doing the laundry!
  2. There's a little room left....
  3. Everyone loves what's in my jeans!
  4. Merry Christmas to you as well my friend. Blessed Samhain, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza, Blessed Winter Solstice and everything else I probably forgot!
  5. Of course I did. It's a bandwagon.
  6. They hast turneth thou into a post whore!
  7. No, no, it was me... I think I'll let you know in the morning!
  8. water

    yo all!

    Hey, thanks for the answer to my question. That is really neat. I'm glad to see that there are resources out there for people who can't see. (no pun intended) With all your coding knowledge, I am sure that you will be a great assett and helpful to many of our users. Take care, and enjoy the site!
  9. water

    yo all!

    Hello, and welcome to the forum. It's amazing that you can post here: due to your blindness. I am sincerely very curious as to how you can do that. Would you mind filling me in? I am guessing you have a braille keyboard, but how do you read the "screen"? Again, welcome: good to have you.
  10. Well, hello back from the Midwest!
  11. Who said we weren't childish? WHO SAID THAT? We are TOO childish! *throws her gum at Coknuck's head and giggles when it sticks in his hair*
  12. Roco, with all due respect (and with all the long distance, internet love I have for you), it was because of the King of Great Britain that we had to create the Constitution. Otherwise we felt we would be pushed around for the rest of our lives. Generations would be unfairly taxed and not given the benefits of representation. King George treated us like slaves. You have to notice that the writers of the constitution kept referring back to nature's God. Our "Inalienable rights". If King George would have treated us with respect and given us a seat at the table in Parliament, it's doubtful any of this would have happened. Therefore, in creating the Constitution, our forefathers went to great extent to insure that no power: foreign or domestic would walk all over us. The manner in which it is being brought up now is due to the fact that a domestic power is in fact trying to undermine, or overwrite the laws of our land. Our entire way of life is created on laws. Not on political parties or a special group of the "entitled". They put no value in the title of birthright, the value was put into what each individual chose to value, and how much effort they wanted to put into their choices. Surely you can respect and admire that? Or if not, then don't read the lessons. *shrugs* It's all the same to me.
  13. <- thinks that you have the word "partisan" tattooed on you pianist!
  14. WELL now, 2 days, no replies: either I am really damn boring, or no-one has read it all. Mkay, well here's another lesson. Yes, I will be putting this on my website, so please do not copy and paste any of it anywhere. Enjoy! What caused the Boston Tea Party? This is really interesting, especially now, in the event of the current
  15. by request of Tdawn. If you don't read it all, do not even attempt to comment. No replies based on party or personality will be allowed and will be immediately removed. You may add all the lessons you want. If it involves a particular person, please be sure to attack the issue and not the person as I will do here: "The meltdown in the financial markets has caused the finger of blame to spin like a weathervane in a hurricane. The underlying cause of the debacle, however, has been largely ignored. Driven by 'progressive' Democrats and Republicans, the cause is the relentless shift from a free market economy to a socialist economy. "Until the Roosevelt era, the responsibility and privilege of having a home was left solely to the individual. "Few people realize that Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) was created in 1938 by FDR, to provide a federal guarantee for home loans extended by local banks. Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) was created in 1970, during Nixon's reign. "Both were designed to buy mortgages from local lenders as a way to insure an adequate supply of money for local lenders. These 'secondary' mortgages were packaged into 'bundles' of securities that were traded among an array of financial institutions. "During the 1960s, the United Nations produced the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Article V(e)(iii) proclaimed that all people had a 'right' to housing. Both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations supported the treaty, but it was not ratified until the Clinton administration, Nov. 20, 1994. "...To meet its obligations under the U.N.'s Racial Discrimination Treaty, the Clinton administration instructed Fannie Mae to expand loans to low-income borrowers, according to Franklin D. Raines, Fannie Mae's chairman. "Thus, the 'sub-prime' market was born, and government guaranteed-loans were extended to millions of families who could not qualify for a mortgage in a free market economy, but easily qualified under the new socialist scheme. "In 2005, Republican senators saw the danger and tried to reform these institutions with the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulator Reform Act (S.190), but Democrats blocked the bill. "...AIG, the international insurance giant, and other Wall Street and international financial institutions bought the bundles of mortgage securities that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac offered. Everybody involved made a ton of money, and housing for low-income families expanded exponentially - just as the Treaty on Racial Discrimination and the proponents of sustainable development had predicted. "With all the new loans being made, the home building industry flourished, the real estate industry flourished, all industries related to housing flourished - until the market became saturated. "Home values stopped rising. Housing inventories began to rise. Home values began to decline. Foreclosures began to rise. Homebuilding slowed, housing-related industries began to lay off workers. Energy prices began to rise. Paychecks fell short of family needs. Foreclosures skyrocketed. "Suddenly, there was little or no value in the bundles of security Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had packaged. Financial institutions found themselves in possession of massive 'assets' that had no value. Creak, crumble, crash! The financial markets came tumbling down. "The piper must be paid. The question is whether to do it now - and let the chips fall where they may, or, to kick the can down the road and pay the piper later. "The answer, of course, is to kick the can into the next generation, with another leap toward socialism. The bailout plan - whatever the particulars - is nothing short of a government takeover of the financial industry. The next president will have to sort it out and build the road toward future recovery or final disaster." Columnist Henry Lamb It
  16. heh.... ok, let me put it another way. "FILTERS" WILL BE USED!
  17. I have been inspired. Prepare (in a couple months) to meet my weapon - I mean website! Muhaahaaahaaahaaahaaa *chuckles evily as she pets the cat in her lap* All I ask for is a shark with laser beams on his head!
  18. Hey mudmanc, I have been doing a lot of research since you started this thread. Did you know Alexander Hamilton was an elitist? He wanted an American Aristocracy to control the governement rather than "regular people". He also HATED John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, although that was more do to jealousy as both men were totally in opposition to each other politically, In fact Jefferson and Adams were friends until their deaths. Andrew Jackson was the first president to oppose the National Banking sistem and try to shut it down and give state banks control of the Fed. Pretty cool huh?
  19. Well I wish you luck, but not too much
  20. KC has a decent shot at the big game this year. Their pitching has really improved and so has their defense. I think if they do go far, a lot of people are going to see how good Mark Teahan really is.... oh wait, we're playing against them right now... let me rephrase that. I hope they suck!
  21. There's not going to be a reacovery anytime soon. The entire world is in a global recession and it will stay that way. The reason being: if the different countries would let the free market do what it does (in some cases fail, in others: suceed) then everything would go back to normal. The problem is right now: the global markets are only reacting to the news instead of creating the news. Do you get what I mean?
  22. This is absolutely beautiful. It is the perfect quote for why ALL American's should read, and understand not only the constitution, but understand what the men who wrote it meant it to stand for.
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