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  1. Nah, to each his own. No-one forces me to listen to country or rap, I won't attempt to force anyone else to listen to Fall Out Boy, Buckcherry, or Marilyn Manson. hehehe
  2. I got her here safely, and we're having a ball, but this whole situation has cost her over 250$ US. THat blows, and I am really not happy about it. Hopefully she can gain some back from her travelers insurance but who knows. At any rate, she's having a blast and focused on enjoying the rest of her vacation. Remember NOT to fly Continental, they SUCK!
  3. I saw it, it was an ok movie. This was a completely different matter though. This company has a resposibility to it's customer not to leave them stranded without access to money. It was cruel, and I can't believe how poorly this airline is managed.
  4. Grrrrr, I am SO frustrated! Ready? Great, listen up. My friend was flying in from Minneapolis last night. (Backstory: She flew from England last week, and she spent a week at a ranch in Montana horseback riding. Her flight to me was supposed to land at 9:20 PM ast night and she is here until Friday.) There was some delay at the Minneapolis airport for her to land. THat delay (they circled for 3 hours) caused her to miss her connecting flight. Her luggage got lost and she was stuck at the Minneapolis airport last night. OK, the joys of flying right? We all know that stuff can happen and so does she. Except by the time she was able to call me, (she called her mother revered the charges, then her mother called me and gave me the payphone that she was at), everyone else at Continental had left the airport. THey just closed their part of the terminal after giving her the 1-800 number to CALL and reschedule her flight. WTF? They could have rebooked her immediately at the gate when she got off, instead they gave her a voucher and told her to call a 1-800 number! So here she is, 700 miles from where she is supposed to be, in a nearly empty ariport, no-one to help her. She calls the 1-800 number and the lady that answers says it's the wrong number. SHe finally finds someone in baggage claim that is willing to talk to her (everyone else told her to go away, it wasn't their issue). And the baggage claim lady calls someone else and they get a new 1-800 number. Now, my friend has no access to her bags, where all her credit cards and money is. She has on her: Her small carry on. The clothes she is wearing. Her wallet and that's IT!! They left her just stranded! Finally her mum is able to get through to the 1-800 number and get her booked on a new flight to me today. I'll get her at 2:30. BUT WTF? Thhe entire terminal just walks away with a foreigner stranded in their terminal. They don't offer her a hotel room, they don't offer her meal vouchers. They say: Call this number and leave! I am thoroughly disgusted by that treatment. If that was my daughter I would be suing someone for everything their worth. /end rant. Feel free to comment, but frankly: Nothing is going to change my mind about this airline. They know their responsibilities to their customers and they failed in every way!
  5. I wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July. For all you non-us members on the board, you have the same wishes
  6. Happy Father's Day everyone, Sorry I wasn't here to say it yesterday, but I was at a baseball game that the kids and I took their dad too. Indians 5, Braves 2 !!! whoot!
  7. CA3LE, get back to me if you want to do this, times they are a changing
  8. take the plate off the bottom of your mouse and clean out the lint in there
  9. I would NOT recommend setting up a partition unless you absolutely need it, At the end of the day it does nothing for you and it is more of a hassle than it is a benefit (I know I set one up and didn't need it for what I set it up for). If you DO really need one, "partition magic" is a decent program. If you just want your OS on one hard drive, I would suggest getting a second smaller hard drive and using that instead of setting up partitions because you eventually lose space with them when it's all said and done. But, why do you need one? Your drive is only going to use the space it uses, and the "added space" from a partition is basically null. Then again, I'm a chick, so don't listen to me, I don't know anything unless you want me to douse you in tech S#!t like this: A prtition is used for sepreating a drive into distinct logical drives, However, when partitioning a drive, you create the protential for causing errors in your "partition table" which can result in your entire drive becoming inoperable. Furthermore, partioning does not protect you from hard drive failure, so it's a much better solution to have a seperate drive for your back-ups or other operation systems. With each partition you make you need to factor in extra drive space to allow for your OS to run and give room to install programs that require a "HOME drive" (this could be named anything so I won't call it a c drive). So if you have two or more partitions on a drive, you end up wasting twice as much space on that drive to calculate free space. The best recommendation would be to buy a second drive that will allow your OS to "move" (speed wise), and the other programs you believe you want to install the freedom that they need. If you are looking purely for a backup solution, the most efficient way is through RAID, which will allow you to automatically mirror your drive as you use it.. Hope that helps! ~sincerely, the wet chick
  10. and everyone knows that it is gay. Since CA3LE is NOT gay, I will vouch for him.... THIS time as long as he gives me what I am due
  11. mmkay sexy hot young thing, I am restraining from moving this to off topic only because you're such a stud (and you own the site)... watching American Idol is GAY (but you own the site so I'll forgive you) the only thing gayer is shaving your cats ass... I hope you don't do that.... so, I will leave your post here and not move it, and I promise that I will futher teach you about the intracacies of "gay" and "GAY", because I wouldn't ever want you to embarrass yourself like this in public with real people... again, American Idol is gay Baseball is not gay Liking cats is not gay Sex with cats is gay i-net pron is not gay buying it when its same sex...... gay!
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  15. Happy Mother's Day to all TMN mommies!! I hope you were as appreciated as I was! :smitten: A special thank you to Aggr3 and my 4 beautiful children for making mine, and my entire weekend perfect! :smitten: I got a great meals all three days ( I didn't HAVE to clean up, I merely volunteered too, and that makes all the difference!), I got to be there when two of my sons won both games of their doubleheader, I got to watch 4 runs come in by one of them, and the other got almost home before the batter was out.... :cheesy: I got to go 4 wheeling ( I don't think Aggr3 will want to do that again, if his ankle ever heels LOL), I got to play with the kids, I got to practice baseball with them, and my van looks brand new. :smitten: I received some beautiful cards and gifts, and I was spoiled rotten... :kiss: I want Mother's Day again tomorrow! Thank you to my family, and I hope you all had wonderful Mother's Day's too!
  16. You have no idea how great the day was, it was a moment in time that will be forever treasured!
  17. The Cleveland Indians were playing the Baltimore Orioles, and if you saw the game last night, there was a HUGE controversial call to make the game over, and the Indians played so HARD today that I can't even explain how outstanding it was. At any rate - the kids are now outfitted for the next baseball game and I got to give my ex a gift wherin he smiled : and that meant more than anything!
  18. Aggr3 and I took the two middle kids to a ball game. The eldest child wanted to be a computer geek with the current husband, and the youngest had a dog show, so it worked out perfectly since my husband (now) has zero interest in sports or games. It was a blast. The tickets to the Indans game were awesome, the team they were playing beat them the night before, and ruined their 6 game streak, and they knew it and proved they knew it. We got to watch awesome action live, and the day was gorgeous, and I don't even like baseball, but now, after today, I could become a fan of it. We saw an amazing amout of HUGE plays. A guy flew through the air and caught a ball, and then.... in mid air aimed it perfectly to first base to get the runner out. Damn, that was amazing, I mean he was amazing! Another guy flew through the air and caught a ball and landed on his face! I can't explain it, but it was a perfect day, and yet another gift to me in my life. Thank you to Aggr3 and Atnevon for making this happen, I had a 'day in the life of '"everyone", and it made me feel whole I'm gonna smile for a week! *hugs and love to all* Life is great! I'm BEAMING!
  19. I never buy a new OS or a new car before all the bugs are worked out. It may put me a year or so behind the times, but when I do buy it, I am sure that the cockroaches are gone and I don't have to constantly upgrade. That being said, no Vista for me for at least a year.
  20. I'm in! I'm still in! I promise not to bruise him!
  21. When a girl get's lucky you better have the "schmooze" in prior to her luckiness is all I haffta say
  22. It IS that game, Sunday at 1:05. Game #15. I have sec 128, Row B, Seats 1 through 4. Plus a reservation for the Terrace Club. But I'm taking 3 out of 5 of the most wonderful men in my life, so I doubt I could give you careful consideration :2funny:
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