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  1. just remember it's all about MINE!
  2. the curtains are closed sorry
  3. then you have to stand outside at least a block away
  4. It's cool I rent - cover is 20 bucks (i have a 700 dollar security deposit)
  5. hey now, I just held the camera
  6. You're the one that dressed up, don't blame ME!
  7. yeah, add to that p0rn collection! I'll sell it on e-bay, remember that for me in your will :2funny:
  8. if there is, bring your camera
  9. tell him to make the coffee too would'ya?
  10. prolly oughta warn my husband first dontcha think? :azn:
  11. the entire east coast is online LOL Hell if the entire east coast was on ME I would be slow too!
  12. If you need help descriminating from bad things to click on, PM Atnevon, and tell him I said so. I'm not joking, worms, trojans and virus's are getting tricky now, don't feel bad if you need a hand I bug him non-stop LOL!
  13. no worries if your listening or watching ratchet. BUT you really need to become savvy on the sites you click on or the e-mails you open. (no-offense, I just don't want to see your comp get abused )
  14. bitch I borned them and (not a blow off btw, but a real btw) btw, thank you all for making me feel special today. Especially to conuck. Aggr3 would have done this for me, but it seems I have a friend who pre-empted him. You guys have no idea what it means to me to have such an extended family (being as I have no more real blood ties other than my children and Aggr3, there is no-one). This was special, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I have had a lot of blessings in my life, but this site ranks high in those. I will always remember what you gave me today. Thank you. Now enough sappy shit - out comes the cat - o - nine tails! (thanks Conuck)
  15. I love you more than to the moon and back beaner punkin boy! :smitten: (oh,. and yes you were born)
  16. Like I said (on the phone) 29 AGAIN I love you baby doll, and thank you very much. *hugs her oldest tight*
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