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  1. The truth is, people at work ( especially the IT department) do not want you using streaming audio or video at work because it hogs the BW (band width) on the server and slows down the other processes. The only way that you could have vulnerabilities when listening to streaming audio is if you were using an older version of windows media player that had known security issues and a website took advantage of that vulnerability to try to execute code on your system. This is possible if you don't keep your computer up to date; however, it is much much more likely that you would get spyware or a virus from something like Internet Explorer than it would be for you to get it from Windows Media Player or Winamp, simply because it's much easier to take advantage of.
  2. Now if I could only get a naked picture of CA3LE *dreams and drools* My 29th birthday would be complete!
  3. Thanks Guys! *offers cake up to everyone who wants some* ENJOY!
  4. Awww thanks guys, I really needed that. There were problems at work, so on my vacation day I had to spend about 4 hours of it working. This really means a lot
  5. Wow! What a way to wake up! Thanks *laughs* Now I should prolly go get some breakfast. hehehehe You sweethearts.
  6. :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:
  7. They scanned for the song, and found you. What program did you suscribe to?
  8. water

    I RULE!

    every 15 minutes it updates, if you aint here then, you get kicked off and it won't count you. It's all about MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!
  9. Most Time Online php 98d 23h 23m Aggr3 73d 3h 0m tommie gorman 72d 15h 15m coknuck 54d 13h 10m cholla 52d 23h 11m dlewis23 52d 31m tdawnaz 44d 9h 1m VanBuren 39d 8h 50m ROM-DOS 34d 8h 53m waterRTBH 27d 20h 29m - YES, that is ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. :2funny: :2funny: You SUCK! :2funny: :2funny:
  11. print screen. I tried to paste into paint, but it was all black, so I emailed it to atnevon (outlook can ctrl+v a print screen) and he saved it on his paint (it worked). Then he emailed me back the jpg.
  12. You weren't on the screen. It took a LOT to get that shot, it wouldn't save into paint
  13. Hey! It's Shugar Teddy Bear Fault! Don't blame me! :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:
  14. *falls over laughing* TOO FUNNY!!!!! :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:
  15. You are a multi-personality promoter! damn men they are MEN!
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