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  1. His ID says 25,000 though, which makes it cooler. Take that.
  2. Welcome to the forums jelaine. You might have some adaware on your 2k systems. You can either download Microsoft Defender or Adaware and scan those systems. You also may want to download Cablenut. Link here: http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-2097 Hope that helps!
  3. That is one crazy avatar phil. My favorite pastime: Networking my school when I was 11 years old. Dont know if that is really a pastime, but oh well.
  4. Not bad speeds coming from the UK
  5. No problem, I will check back here in a few.
  6. Start => Control Panel => Network Connections => Network Connections => Local Area Network => Right Click => Properties => Highlight TCP/IP => Click Properties => Check assigned IPs ^^ assuming you are using WinXP
  7. Go into the properties and go to TCP/IP properties. Make sure they aren't being assigned the same IP. If they are, change the secondary computer to one above what it is now. ex. *.45 => *.46
  8. an ip conflict over a network? ip's getting assigned by DHCP?
  9. thats not bad for wireless speeds.
  10. search google for like "automatic alphabatize" or something along those lines
  11. Try going here: http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-2097 See if any of that helps.
  12. Sweet. Hope it works a little better.
  13. Welcome to the forums bcraven! Check for adaware. If thats not the problem, you may have a virus. Another thing to look for is when they ran a speed test from their notebook, they could have been running a speed test to the datacenter that you are in. Which means you aren't getting anywhere close to advertisted speeds. Good luck!
  14. try chkdsk if that wont work, you might be screwed
  15. Maybe something in your motherboard fried and your IDE dealy is messed up.
  16. make sure you also didnt accidentally disconnet the IDE cable from the motherboard.
  17. I have forgot that before... I felt like an idiot.
  18. alot of members... thats for sure.
  19. Where can you find the Vista install at? Or is it pirated or something.
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